Faltu 8th March 2023 Written Update: Ayaan feels Faltu’s presence surrounding him!


Episode begins with Rocky picking up Kanika’s phone and giving it. Rocky says are you okay ma’am? Kanika says yes. Rocky says thank god or else my holi would have been incomplete without putting colour on you. Kanika says you are flirting naughty. They all laugh. Kanika says all preparations are already done here? Kinshuk says gobar cake are left now and this time I will not do it. Ayaan says I am your elder brother so that’s my order. Kinshuk says let Sid do it. Sid says I won’t. Rocky says I will bring it. Kinshuk thanks Rocky. Rocky goes by giving a flying kiss to Kanika. Kanika smiles.

Ayaan thinks Rocky reminds me of Faltu, same fun and same energy, I hope she is okay. Here, Vishal drinks when nurse says this is an hospital so you can’t drink or bring alcohol. Vishal is drunk so he says I will do this if you want to complain then do it I don’t care. Few minutes later, Vishal gets a call from Kanika. Kanika scolds him for drinking alcohol. Vishal says I already feel stuck here so I will do what I feel like. Kanika says you are there for your own safety, you need to understand it. Vishal says even if I am outside and someone questions me then I will take Ayaan’s name like you asked me to. Kanika says still you need to be careful, try to understand. Call ends.

Kanika sees Rocky so she asks since when you are here? Rocky says just now, when you turned. Rocky brings a tray in which coffee is kept. Kanika takes the coffee. Rocky says you work so much and have so many work calls, you are a superwoman. Kanika blushes. Rocky says you are here for festival and for your daughter you should spend time with her and do a detox like everyone is doing nowadays, you should take my advise. Kanika says will think about it. Kanika tastes the coffee and praises it.

Later, holika dahan puja starts. Tanisha and Ayaan do the parikrama, the thread falls down so Rocky helps them and unknowingly does some parikrama. The holika is burnt and everyone throw their respective chits into it. Sid throws a chit about Ayaan while Tanisha throws about the problems she has with Ayaan. The festival is enjoyed by all. Ayaan asks Rocky to also enjoy as because of him they all are enjoying the festival. Rocky sees Kanika with no phone so he thinks to check on it. He goes inside without being noticed by anyone. Rocky tries to find Kanika’s phone, once he finds it, he tries to put the password but all passwords are wrong.

Rocky then finally gets the correct password and is about to open it when Tanisha comes and asks what is he doing here with Kanika’s phone? Rocky says what can I do with a closed phone, I came to give it to Kanika as it’s an expensive thing lying in the room. Tanisha says when everyone is downstairs then why is he here? Rocky says to take this tray and mug, I gave coffee to Kanika. Tanisha says okay, also, do ask Ayaan for what dishes he would like to eat time to time as he likes your cooking and we want to see him happy. Rocky agrees and goes. Rocky gets relieved that he got saved today. He notes down the password somewhere and thinks to get evidence tomorrow during Holi event.

Next day, Harsh asks Amar ji to prepare everything well and the thandai. Sid and Kinshuk come asking for special thandai. Harsh says yes I have it but no one should tell Janardhan or Ayaan about it, okay? Sid says okay. Kinshuk says Ayaan doesn’t like Holi so he will not as well. Sid thinks today I will play Holi with Tanisha. Harsh asks Amar to keep the special thandai for only him, Sid and Kinshuk.

In the kitchen, Tanisha sees all the food to be ready. Tanisha asks Rocky, you made everything so soon? Are you also planning to play holi? Rocky says no, I want to go and meet my friends afterwards. Kinshuk says you need to play Holi with us as well, Mittals have the best Holi. Rocky worries thinking about the match. Tanisha says don’t worry you play here till 1pm and then can leave. Rocky thanks her. Kinshuk asks them both to come fast. Tanisha asks Rocky to make cheese grilled sandwiches for her. Rocky agrees.

Episode ends.

Precap – Tanisha says this is our first Holi. Ayaan says I don’t like Holi. Tanisha says I will put raang on you. Ayaan takes a handful of colours and throws on Tanisha but she ducks so it falls on Rocky. Rocky also throws colours on Ayaan shocking Tanisha.