Faltu 9th March 2023 Written Update: Sid gets upset seeing her plan get ruined by Ayaan’s presence!


Episode begins with Rocky makes rhe sandwich. Here, Ayaan thinks where must be Faltu? Her phone is switched off. Here, Harsh asks Tanisha to come outside, this time you are not a guest. Kinshuk comes and Harsh says as this is first holi after your marriage Ayaan should play. Harsh and Kinshuk decide to go to Ayaan when Tanisha stops them and says I want to put colour on Ayaan first so let me go. Harsh says okay bring him downstairs fast. Tanisha comes to Ayaan and takes his phone. Ayaan says what is this? Give me my phone. Tanisha says today is Holi and you are here. Ayaan says I don’t like Holi first everyone gets dirty and then clean themselves, what is this logic. Tanisha says today is first holi after marriage so I will put colour on you.

Ayaan says you want to play right. Ayaan takes a handful of color and says I will also put. Tanisha says I want to put first. They both are running here and there. Rocky comes with a plate of sandwich. Ayaan throws the colour, Tanisha ducks and it falls on Rocky. Tanisha is shocked. Rocky takes colour and says how can you put colour on me like this and he throws colours on Ayaan. Tanisha gets angry and scolds Rocky for coming at the wrong time and ruining the moment as she wanted to put colour on Ayaan first. Rocky says I am sorry.

Ayaan calms Tanisha and says you put colour on me as you wanted. Tanisha puts colour on him and says happy holi. Rocky goes and thinks I did a mistake here as well. Kumkum sees Rocky in colour so she makes fun of him and then asks him to bring the food and drinks outside for guests. Rocky agrees.

Here, Mittals wish each other on Holi and put colours. Kinshuk says this time Dadi and Govind are celebrating in Ashram. Janardhan says Dadi always does this and due to her Govind also celebrates holi in Ashram. Kanika asks about Ayaan and Tanisha. Kinshuk says Ayaan never comes out of house on holi but Tanisha should be here, I will go and call. Here, Ayaan asks Tanisha to go down when she says already Rocky made me upset so you have to come down today, it’s our first holi. Ayaan agrees. They both come downstairs so Janardhan praises Tanisha for finally bringing Ayaan here as he never comes.

Savita says good to see you both put colours on each other first. Tanisha says I wish, but Rocky and his timings. Rocky comes with sharbat and Savita says Rocky only cooks well. Rocky says my dream also got ruined as I wanted Kanika to put the first colour on me. Janardhan says that’s too much. Rocky says today is holi so bura na mano holi hai. Everyone laughs. Kanika and Janardhan go to meet some important guests.

Harsh calks for Kinshuk and Sid. They have the special thandai when Ayaan comes and says I also want. Harsh says no last time also you couldn’t handle it. Harsh goes as someone calls him. Ayaan says if you don’t give me Kinshuk then I will tell to dad. Kinshuk gets scared and gives him. Ayaan drinks the thandai and says it’s too good. They all start playing and put holi colours on everyone. Sumitra and Sid think how come Ayaan came to play holi. Kanika excuses herself as she gets a phone. Rocky throws a thaal of colours on her and is about to take the phone when Savita sees her so Rocky runs to throw colours on her. Rocky thinks today is not my day, I am unable to succeed and I also have to leave. Here, Ayaan imagines Faltu in a white saree and he starts dancing with her. Everyone watches him in amazement as he dances in air and not with anyone. Kanika asks Tanisha what is happening? Tanisha says I don’t know but whatever it is, it looks like he is happy. Harsh scold Kinshuk for giving special thandai to Ayaan.

Janardhan asks Harsh what has happened to Ayaan and is something mixed with thandai? Harsh says no, you don’t like all this so we have only plain thandais you can check, maybe it’s Ayaan’s first time playing Holi like this so he got excited. Then Ayaan lifts Tanisha thinking her to be Faltu. Ayaan comes to reality when Janardhan calls him. Ayaan keeps Tanisha down and goes. Sid, Kinshuk and Ayaan put colours on each other. Then they see Rocky so they decide to put colours on him too. Rocky worries thinking if they put colour on me then my wig might come off.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kanika keeps her phone and goes when Rocky takes the phone and someone calls. Kanika comes back and Rocky gets shocked.