Faltu 9th November 2022 Written Update: Ayaan makes a deal with Faltu


Faltu 9th November 2022 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Pratap searching about Ayaan on the internet. He gets stunned to find about him being a famous cricket player and notify Faltu about it. She gets elated hearing about his achievements and proclaims that she will take his help to learn cricket. Whereas, Pratap checks more details and tells Faltu that Ayaan left cricket long back due to some unknown reasons. They both gets confused learning about it and then Faltu states that still Ayaan can teach. She determines to ask him for help, while Pratap questions that why will he help her?

Here, Faltu smiles thinking about her plan to take Ayaan’s help. She goes towards the latter’s store and sees him working with his staffs. He instructs them to move the hoarding but they couldn’t able to understand his english. He gets frustrated with them and decides to make a new hoarding for the mart.

Faltu comes towards Ayaan and goes inside the mart along with him. She takes his help to shop there and brings the things outside the store. He questions her if she won’t but the stuffs? To which she ask him to stay calm and keeps the staffs on the table. He gets confused seeing her preparations while she goes towards his staffs and ask that from where he buy the groceries for his house.

Elsewhere, the staffs tells that he gets it from his regular shop because it is owned by his friend and his father also used to buy from the same place only. Faltu looks at Ayaan and tells that his own staff also doesn’t buy things from his mart. She states that the people of Ittarpur still goes to the shops where they develops a bond.

Faltu states that they will have to develop a bond with the people in order to make the mart work. She prepares the stuffs for food while Ayaan ask about her reason to help him. She tells him that her friend Anmol needs his training to play cricket. Ayaan gets shocked and recalls his decision to leave the game.

Ahead, Ayaan denies to help Faltu while she makes an emotional request to him and says that Anmol doesn’t have anyone else and is in need of help. Ayaan agrees to help him while they starts preparing for the food. Faltu helps Ayaan to cook and they enjoys their time with one another. Whereas, Sumitra tells her suspicion to Sid while he tells about his ploy to stop Ayaan from taking the business.

Sumitra appreciates Sid’s plan while Faltu sends Pratap to gather the crowd. At that time Suhanna also comes there and starts recording. Pratap says that the food is burnt while Ayaan gets disappointed. Faltu replies that it was her plan. She starts her acting while the village people comes to help Ayaan and starts preparing the food. Meanwhile, Pappi’s men sees Faltu with Ayaan.

Further, Pappi discuss about his marriage with Faltu with her family while his men notify about Faltu being with Ayaan to him. He gets furious while Ayaan gets elated seeing the customers inside his mart. Meanwhile, he shows it to his family and Janardan feels proud of him. Sumitra taunts Sid for his flop plan while he becomes irked. Janardan ask how Ayaan did it while he gives the credit to Faltu. Meanwhile, the latter greets them in the video call, whereas Tanisha gets jealous upon seeing her.

Precap:- Pratap’s mother ask Ayaan about Anmol, to which he notify that he is Faltu and Pratap’s friend. He happily goes along with the latter without knowing about the truth. Whereas, Pratap’s mother shares her suspicion upon Faltu and says that she is missing. Pappi determines to find the truth and follows the latter. Meanwhile, Faltu changes her look and Pappi gets inside there and confronts the latter. Whereas, Ayaan comes there in between them and defends Faltu.

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