Faltu Upcoming Story: Ayaan to get upset with Janardan’s decision!


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Star Plus popular daily soap Faltu have garnered a huge amount of audience. The gripping storyline filled with twist and turns makes it engaging to the viewers. Previously, Pratap notified Faltu about the selection of women’s cricket team.

She got excited and asked him to give her name but Charan denied her request. He asked her to get cured and then think about cricket, while she determined to fulfill her dream.

Meanwhile, Siddharth got the confession of Faltu downloaded in a pen drive and sended it to Ayaan. Whereas, the latter got suspicious about Tanisha’s behavior and tried to make her confess the truth, but she lied to him.

In the current track, Kanika meets Janardan and discuss about the business distribution with him. She ask him to give more projects to Siddharth, so that he can also learn about the business and Ayaan will also get free time to spend with Tanisha.

Here, Janardan agrees to her decision and tells about it to Ayaan and Siddharth. The latter shows his gratitude towards Kanika for believing in him, while Ayaan gets offended and request them to give him his project back.

Janardan denies to fulfill Ayaan’s request and ask him to enjoy with Tanisha. Whereas, he ask the latter about his laptop as he couldn’t able to find it. She says that she don’t know about it and then insists to have a private conversation with him.

Ahead, Lajwanti and Jamuna come to Mumbai and gets emotional upon meeting Faltu. Lajwanti then sneeks out to meet her lover and assures to bring him food at night.

Faltu gets concerned for her sister and ask ask if she is fine? To which the latter assures her. Meanwhile, Siddharth determines to spoil Tanisha and Ayaan’s honeymoon.

Later, Jamuna ask Charan to bring some stuffs so that she can perform puja for Faltu before her operation. She shows her concern towards the latter. Whereas, Faltu decides to take a stand for Lajwanti’s future but Jamuna scolds her and declares that she will go back to her in-laws after everything gets settled.

Now in the upcoming episode, Tanisha will go inside Siddharth’s room and confronts him about the pen drive. She will say that he is the one who have sended it to Ayaan, as there was no one who knows about the truth except for them.

She will ask that why he did it, as she took a promise from him that he won’t tell about it to anyone. She will question that what he wants? To which Siddharth will looks at her. Meanwhile, Ayaan will open his laptop and will try to find a video.

Will Ayaan be able to see the video?

Will Lajwanti run away with her lover?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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