Faltu Upcoming Story: How will Ayaan react to a shocking truth of Faltu?


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Star Pluss’ show Faltu is showing a lot of twists and turns. The show has always been popular with the viewers for it’s unique concept.

Lately, it was shown how Faltu had to return to her village due to her uncle and aunt taking her father’s land. Also, Tanisha and Siddharth leave no stone unturned to help Faltu so that she doesn’t get close to Ayaan.

In today’s episode, Dadi gets upset not seeing Tanisha on time. Tanisha comes and makes some excuse. Later, Tanisha reveals to Ayaan about how she went to meet Faltu and also offered a job which she declined.

Tanisha deliberately plants doubt in Ayaan’s mind regarding what job Faltu mighy have taken up. Later, Ayaan and Tanisha go to a club where they find Faltu in short dress and heels dancing. Faltu portrays that she used Ayaan and now she will trap a richer guy and payback

Tanisha. Ayaan gets angry and shows Faltu how much he is upset with her and her intentions. Ayaan then challenges her if she will be able to work as a servant in his house to payback?

Faltu agrees which shocks Tanisha as she didn’t want this. Sumitra and Sid get excited hearing about this thinking now drama will happen in the house.

In upcoming episodes, Faltu will be putting sindoor as she will be considering her marriage with Ayaan. Tanisha will see this and question her.

Ayaan will hear them shout so he will step in the matter. It will be interesting to watch how Tanisha reacts to Faltu’s entry in the house? Will this new challenge bring Faltu and Ayaan close?

Will Faltu be able to arrange money for her father and save their reputation?

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