Faltu Upcoming Story: Rocky to make Vishal confess the truth!


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Star Pluss’ show Faltu is showing a lot of twists and turns. Faltu’s double role in the show being a fun loving chef rocky and an ambitious cricket player Faltu is being enjoyed by the viewers. With Rocky finally getting hold of Vishal and his location it will be a high point for the show where Rocky finds the real culprit and brings it out infront of all

In today’s episode,
Vishal parties oustide and decides to stay there for the night this upsets Kanika. Rocky hears Kanika’s conversation with Vishal. Sid suggests to play games where couples get challenges.

Ayaan gets a challenge to kiss Tanisha and he denies upsetting Tanisha. At night, Rocky is sneeking out from Kanika’s room when Ayaan hears some noises so he comes. Rocky pretends to cook. Ayaan goes to sleep whem Rocky decides to go to the same club and get some clues.

Rocky amd his friend go and hear Vishal say how Kanika has ruined his life. They are unable to get more information as he passes out. They get to know about the hospital he is in so Rocky keeps his friend there to keep an eye on him while he goes back to Mittal house.

Later, Rocky takes a half day telling Mittals about his friends’ dad admitted in hospital. Ayaan offers to drop him so Rocky goes to some other hospital.

Kanika tells Tanisha about her actual plan where the bank involved to pay Vishal is Ayaan’s so if Faltu tries to find anything she will get led onto Ayaan. Rocky sees the nurses take leave so he and his friend decide to pretend as nurses for Vishal.

In upcoming episodes, Rocky and his friend will make Vishal drunk and he will confess how Faltu played well but he trapped her. Rocky records it all. It will be interesting to watch how Tanisha reacts to Faltu’s presence in Mumbai?

Will this new challenge bring Faltu and Ayaan close? Will Faltu doubt on Ayaan?

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