Faltu Upcoming Story: Will Faltu get the permit to play the match?


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Star Pluss’ show Faltu is showing a lot of twists and turns. Faltu’s double role in the show being a fun loving chef rocky and an ambitious cricket player Faltu is being enjoyed by the viewers.

In today’s episode, Rocky comes to room when the lights go out, he worries as he takes out his get up and turns into Faltu but Ayaan calls out for Rocky. Faltu hurries to wear the wig the moustach.

When the light comes back, Faltu is upset seeing a kiss mark on Ayaan’s neck. On Holika Dahan, Ayaan remembers Faltu and the gujiyas she made. Everyone likes the gujiyas made by Rocky. Here, Vishal is drinking in the hospital so Kanika warna him.

Later, Rocky gives Kanika a advise to do a detox from phone for the festival days. Rocky uses this opportunity during holika dahan to get into her phone but fails as Tanisha comes there. Next day Holi preparations start and Kinshuk asks Rocky to play holi atleast till 1pm then he can leave.

Tanisha would not be able to put colour on Ayaan first as Rocky puts colour by mistake. Here, Ayaan finally agrees to play holi and drinks bhaang. They all dance and enjoy. Ayaan imagines Faltu and dances with her.

Later, Rocky fails in getting hold of Kanika’s phone so he leaves for match. Kanika and Tanisha talk about Vishal leaving the hospital to party and they worry if Ayaan finds him.

Ayaan goes to a slum nearby to do a giveaway where he spots Faltu but when he asks nearby he doesn’t find any clue. Faltu comes to the match but Rajan is angry so he doesn’t let Faltu play. Many people in the ground taunt Faltu about her news.

Rajan’s team players keep getting out and the team performs badly, Faltu tries telling Rajan how she can play well. Rajan gives Faltu a chance to play. Before Faltu can start playing, the judges remember how Faltu was not allowed to play so they refrain her as well.

Rajan and Faltu both state how this match is a local match and academy rules can’t be levied so Faltu is allowed to play. Everyone gets shocked to see Faltu play so well. Ayaan still believes he saw Faltu and searches for cricket matches going on.

Ayaan sees the live telecast of the match where Faltu is playing. Ayaan thinks to see it live but is refrained to do so when Tanisha and others arrange for a barbecue night for Ayaan to cook.

In upcoming episodes, Faltu will win the match and will win the prize money. Everyone will praise Faltu. It will be interesting to watch how Tanisha reacts to Faltu’s entry in the house?

Will this new challenge bring Faltu and Ayaan close?

Will Faltu be able to arrange money for her father and save their reputation?

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