Faltu Upcoming Story: Will Tanisha agrees to marry Sid?


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Star Plus popular daily soap “Faltu” is grabbing the attention of the audiences. Viewers are loving the track, whereas the twists in the story is keeping them hooked to their television screens. Previously, Ayaan helped Faltu to run away from her marriage.

Pappi tried to stop them but gets unsuccessful. Whereas, Janardan took a shocking decision and gave a deadline to Ayaan. Meanwhile, Ratan and his wife got furious at Charan for helping Faltu and instigated the villagers against him.

In the current track, Ayaan reaches Mumbai along with Faltu. He remembers about his engagement and determines to reach his house on time. He notify Faltu about it while the latter gets shocked and ask him to go to his house. She assures that she can handle herself but he denies and proclaims to drop her till the hotel.

Here, Faltu forces Ayaan to leave and assures that she will get into the hotel. The cab also comes there and she tells him that she will manage herself. He gives her money and his card. He makes her understand that she can use it whenever she needs it and ask to look after herself.

Ayaan also tells the driver to be careful regarding Faltu. He ask the driver to drop her safely, while he assures. Meanwhile, Faltu calls her father to notify about her whereabouts and assures that she is fine.

Ahead, Charan gets harassed by the villagers but the latter states that he doesn’t know about Faltu. He takes a stand for his daughter against the villagers, while they gives a warning to him before leaving.

Charan talks to Faltu but pretends her to be their guest who is trying to book the room, so that Ratan won’t get suspicious. Faltu tells him about herself while the cab driver calls his gang members and decide to loot Faltu. He takes her to an unknown place while she gets suspicious about him.

Later, Mittals welcomes the guests while Janardan states that he will disown Ayaan if he doesn’t come on time. Whereas, Kanika scolds Tanisha for trying to contact Ayaan and declares that she will get her married to Sid, if Janardan names his property to him.

Sid also comes there and gives a proposal to Tanisha, while the latter gets into dilemma. Whereas, Janardan was about to announce regarding the heir of his property. Meanwhile, the cab driver tries tk steal Faltu’s bag but she pushed him away and runs from there.

Now in the upcoming episode, Faltu will push the cab driver as he tries to snatch her bag. She will run away from the goons. She will try to escape them and goes inside the jungle while they follows her.

She will get scared while they confronts her, as she doesn’t have any other way to go. The goons will smirk and ask that where she will go? While the latter will look at them being afraid.

Will Faltu be able to save herself?

Will Ayaan be able to reach on time?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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