Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th August 2022 Written Update: Dadi tries to escape from Meera’s clutches to stop the wedding


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pakhi calling Dadi and saying that she’s not answering the call. Pakhi says that as Dadi in the hospital, he might have put her phone on silent mode. She tells Meera the direction for washroom. Elsewhere the real Agastya shouts when the TV’s screen becomes black. He wonders if Dadi would tell Pakhi the truth. The goon comments about Pakhi marrying his lookalike. Agastya kicks him and says to tell Meera that Pakhi will recognize his lookalike. The goon sees a shadow and asks another goon to check. He checks and says that no one is there. Agastya wonders who is the third person outside. A mysterious man is shown.

Pakhi is worried about Dadi. Mona and Naveli reassures her and asks to get ready for the wedding. Agastya’s lookalike and Meera wonder what to do with Dadi. Meera says that they can rid off her after the wedding. Agastya’s lookalike comes to Pakhi’s room and stands at the doorstep overhearing her talk. Pakhi is worried that Dadi hasn’t returned home. She asks Naveli to phone Dadi Naveli obliges. She says that Dadi isn’t answering the call. Pakhi sends an audio message saying that she won’t sit on the wedding mandap until she returns. Agastya’s lookalike leaves after overhearing this. Agastya sees this live and worries if Meera did something with Dadi.

Agastya lookalike comes to Meera. He says that Pakhi said that she won’t sit on the wedding mandap until Dadi returns. Meera asks him to relax. She shows live footage of wedding mandap. She shows the man who is behind Tara and says that he will harm Tara if she disobeys her. She asks Dadi to tell Pakhi what she will instruct her. Pakhi receives Dadi’s audio message in which Dadi says that her friend is in ICU, so she won’t come to the wedding and asks Pakhi to get married without her. Agastya sees this and understands that Dadi is in some trouble. He wonders who will stop the wedding now.

Tara comes near the storeroom. Dadi sees this and pushes the box. Tara comes near the storeroom. She gets scared seeing Meera there and breaks a glass object accidentally. Meera stops Tara and takes her from there. Dadi makes noise. Tara hears this and says that someone is there inside. Meera says that no one is inside and takes her from there. While walking Tara unintentionally pushes a glass piece inside the storeroom near Dadi. Meera’s foot gets injured and bleeds. She ignores it and leaves taking Tara.

Agastya’s lookalike comes to Pakhi and tries to get closer to her. Pakhi stops him and sends him to get ready. Agastya fumes seeing this. He wishes that Pakhi recognizes his lookalike. Pakhi wonders why she’s feeling anxious and hopes that Dadi will return before marriage. Pakhi approaches the hidden camera sensing someone is calling her. Agastya hopes that Pakhi sees the hidden camera. But Pakhi fails to see it. Agastya cries feeling helpless. Dadi gets the glass piece and tries to cut the rope getting determined to stop Pakhi and Agastya’s lookalike’s wedding.

Tara says that the bride is coming. Sameer gets emotional seeing Pakhi in wedding attire and says that he wasn’t present when she got married before, but he got the opportunity to witness her wedding because of Tara. Pakhi and Agastya’s lookalike sit on the mandap. Agastya fumes in rage seeing this. The goons mock Agastya. The latter twists his leg and says that Pakhi will recognize his lookalike before the seven holy rounds.

The episode ends.

The episode starts Dadi saying to fake Agastya that he came to call him for the Haldi ceremony. Agastya leaves with Tara. Dadi says that he can’t be Agastya as he didn’t recognize the toy of Pakhi. She wonders who he is if he’s not Agastya. The real Agastya sees this in CCTV footage. He says that thankfully Dadi found out about fake Agastya. He says that their lives aren’t in danger and says to stop the wedding. Dadi also says that she should stop the wedding. Agastya gets glad hearing this.

Dadi sees that fake Agastya also have same burn scars on his chest and doubts that it could be fake scars. Dadi is asked to apply haldi to Agastya and Pakhi. Dadi applies the haldi reluctantly on Agastya’s cheek. Meera and Agastya notice this. She feels dizziness while applying it on Pakhi’s cheek. Pakhi gets worried and asks Dadi if she’s fine. Agastya holds Dadi’s hand and applies haldi on Pakhi’s cheek.

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