Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th March 2022 Written Update: Virat takes Agastya to the police station for a enquiry


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pakhi, Agastya and the family surprising Naveli with a birthday party. They all wish her happy birthday. Agastya apologizes to Naveli and says that Pakhi arranged this party and did all the decorations. Naveli criticises the decorations. Agastya shouts getting angry, but Pakhi calms him down holding his hand. Everyone wishes Naveli on her birthday. Pakhi wishes Naveli on her birthday hugging her. Naveli says that she can’t imoress her by doing all this. Pakhi says that she has done it to see her smiling and she succeeded. Yug calls Agastya, but he isn’t answering his calls. He worries that Maya should not tell the truth to the police.

Shubham comes to Naveli’s birthday party. Agastya is surprised to know that Shubham and Naveli became friends. Pakhi brings cake there and gets shocked on seeing Shubham. The latter makes and an excuse and leaves from there. There Yug calls to someone and tries to find if Maya confessed the truth or not. Here Naveli cuts the cake. Agastya feeds cake to Naveli. Naveli ignores Pakhi. Agastya wants to asks Naveli about it, but Pakhi stops him. Naveli gets a message and says that he is disturbing her even on her birthday. Pakhi asks Naveli if everything is fine. Just then Naveli’s friend calls everyone and says about the game of couple dancing on paper which will get folded after each round.

Pakhi and Agastya start to dance along with other couples. Pakhi notices that Naveli seems nervous looking at her phone. All the couples get eliminated except Agastya-Pakhi and another couple. Agastya lifts Pakhi in his arms at the end. Just then Virat arrives there with Pandey to take Agastya to the police station. Pakhi asks Virat if he has come to accuse Agastya falsely like he did with her few days before. Virat says that Ishan has to say it. Dadi asks what’s the connection between Agastya and Ishan. Virat says that Agastya tried to kill Ishan. Dadi says that this a lie. Pakhi says that she supports Agastya since she trusts him. Virat says that he won’t leave without Agastya. Dadi asks for arrest warrant. Virat clarifies that they’re taking him only for enquiry, but he can get arrested by night. Agastya says that he will call the commissioner and Virat allows him. Agastya is surprised on seeing multiple misssed calls of Yug in his phone. He phones commissioner, but his phone is switched off. He then calls home minister, but his assistant says that he is busy in some meeting. Mona offers to give more money than their rivals to Virat. The latter says that he is not the officer, who sells his honesty for money. Pakhi says that he can’t take Agastya with him. Virat mentions that Pakhi has jail experience too. Agastya warns Virat to not say anything against Pakhi. Agastya agrees to go with Virat and asks Dadi to call the lawyer.

In the police station, Agastya asks Virat why he thinks that he tried to kill Ishan. Agastya gets shocked on seeing the nurse Maya in the police station. Dadi and Pakhi try to call the lawyer, but he is not reachable. Mona says that Agastya is getting suspected in Ishan’s case since he married Pakhi immediately after she got accused of Islan. murder. Pakhi says to Mona to focus on Agastya keeping aside her hatred for her ( Pakhi). Mona shouts at Pakhi and taunts her calling her middle class. Dadi shuts Mona’s mouth.

Virat says to Agastya that he can’t fool him. He advises Agastya to confess his truth as soon as possible. He leaves. Agastya looks tensed.

The episode ends.

Precap: Pakhi searches in Agastya’s cupboard for lawyer’s address. She gets the threatening notes that Agastya received and wonders what these notes are.

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