Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th July 2022 Written Update: Tara meets Dadi


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tara telling Pakhi in video call that she reached the competition venue along with her teacher and asks Pakhi to not worry. Pakhi says that she’s not worried as she knows Tara is smart. She asks Tara to do her project well. She waves bye and hangs the call. Just then Agastya comes to Tara and wishes her luck for her project. He asks what she’s going to do. Tara says that she will make a projector using a shoe box. All the children start working on their project. Agastya is watching Tara. The latter drops a glass and but smartly kicks her bag and prevents it from getting broken. Agastya gets impressed seeing this.

Tara requests Agastya to gave his phone. Agastya does. Tara plays a video on Agastya’s mobile, she places it inside the projector she made and projects the video on the wall. Later Agastya announces the results of the competition and says Tara is the winner. Tara gets elated and runs to the stage, but she’s unable to climb up due to the height. Agastya helps her. He hands Tara the trophy. Tara says that she knows that she is going to be the winner so she came prepared a speech. Tara can’t reach the mike so Agastya lifts her up. Tara gives her speech. She dedicates her award and her project to her mom. Agastya kisses Tara’s cheek.

Tara video calls Pakhi and says that she won’t the competition and shows the trophy. Pakhi gets elated and feels proud of Tara. Pakhi says to Tara to come home soon so that they can party. Tara asks her teacher to drop her off to her house. Agastya says that all the children will come to his home for a special party. Tara says that but her mom asked her to come home soon. Agastya asks Tara to call her mom and inform her. Tara tries to call, but she can’t reach Pakhi. Teacher says that she will inform Tara’s mother.

Children reach Agastya’s house along with the teacher. Dadi make them sit. Agastya brings Tara inside the house holding her hand. Tara is amazed on seeing Agastya’s big house. Dadi recognizes Tara. The latter takes Dadi’s blessings. Dadi asks who taught her this good habit. Tara says that her mom taught her this. Agastya presents Tara a gift for winning the competition. Dadi makes Tara sit on her lao. Naveli says to Agastya that a cake came for him and asks if there’s any special occasion. Agastya takes the cake box without answering her.

Dadi asks Tara about her mother’s name. Tara is about to say her mother’s name, but stops getting seeing her friend having pastries without her. Tara wonders where Agastya has gone and goes to find him. Other side Agastya is in front of Pakhi’s photo with the cake and wishes Pakhi happy birthday again. In the hotel room Pakhi sees Tara’s missed calls and calls her back, but she doesn’t answer her calls. She tries to call her teacher and gets worried. Tara is finding Agastya. The latter is talking to Pakhi’s photo. He tells about Tara and says that she’s like Pakhi.

Tara reaches Agastya’s room finding him. Agastya opens his room door. Tara asks if it’s his room and asks what he was doing here. Agastya says that he will tell her only what he was doing and asks her to wait outside. Agastya brings the cake and says that he is celebrating his loved one’s birthday and asks Tara to cut the cake with him. Agastya takes Tara with him to another place. Tara wonders who is that special person and says that today is her mom’s birthday too. Agastya is surprised and says that they have two reasons to celebrate. They cut the cake together. They feed to each other and put some cake on each other’s nose. They both wipe off the cake from each other nose.

Agastya says to take some cake for her mother. Tara agrees. Agastya notices that Tara didn’t open her gift yet and asks her to open it now. Tara unwraps the gift and gets happy on seeing a walkman. Agastya gets a call and goes apart to talk. Tara notices Pakhi’s missed calls. She calls her back. Pakhi is worried and asks why she didn’t receive her calls. Tara explains that they have come to Einstein uncle’s house for the party.

Pakhi gets shocked when she hears Agastya’s voice. Agastya asks Tara where he should drop her off. Tara says that she will show her the house and switch to phone’s back camera. Pakhi is stunned on seeing Agastya. Tara says to Agastya that her teacher didn’t inform her mom. Agastya says that he will talk to her. Pakhi looks on shocked.

The episode ends.

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