Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th July 2022 Written Update: Agastya reassures a worried Tara


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The episode starts with Pakhi getting shocked seeing Agastya in the video call. Before Agastya can see Pakhi the call gets disconnected due to low battery. Pakhi panics and wonders what Tara is doing with Agastya. She wonders whether Agastya got to know about who Tara is. Pakhi says that she won’t let Agastya snatch Tara from her. Pakhi decides to go to Agastya’s mansion and leaves.

Tara is worried about her mom, so Agastya offers her to call her mom from his phone. Pakhi is on the road to find any auto or taxi to reach Agastya mansion. Just then she receives Agastya’s call. She stands shocked hearing his voice. A biker hits Pakhi. The latter falls down and hits her head on a cycle. Agastya wonders why the call got disconnected. Pakhi faints.

Agastya calls again Tara’s mother and finds her phone switched off. Tara says that her phone might have dead. She asks Agastya ti drop her off at the hotel as her mom will be worried about her. Agastya agrees. On the road Sameer spots unconscious Pakhi and gets shocked. He shouts Pakhi and cries holding her.

Agastya brings Tara to the hotel. Tara calls out mom and doesn’t find. Tara thinks that she might be in the washroom and checks there. She cries and tells Agastya that she’s not in the washroom too. Agastya tries to call her mom again and finds her phone switched off. He tries to calm down a crying Tara saying that her mom might have gone to the market.

Tara starts to struggle to breathe. Agastya gives her oxygen pump and rubs her back and hands. Tara gets relaxed. Agastya suggests playing ludo game. Tara says that her mom cheats while playing this game. Agastya recalls Pakhi cheating when they used to play ludo.

At the hospital doctor checks Pakhi and says to Sameer that it’s mild injury which will heal in few days. He leaves. Sameer talks to an unconscious Pakhi and says that must have any strong reason for not contacting them all these years. Just then he receives Ishan’s call. Ishan reminds him that they have to go to the hospital for Sameer’s check up. Sameer says Pakhi, but stops himself. Ishan panics and asks if he got to know anything about Pakhi. Sameer lies no and says that he organized puja on Pakhi’s name in the temple, so they will go to the hospital the next day.

Tara gets worried that her mom didn’t call her yet. Agastya reassures her saying that her might have got repaired. Other hand Sameer goes to get medicine for Pakhi. Here Agastya cheers up Tara and asks to have noodles. Tara says that she’s hungry, but she can’t eat without her mom. Agastya says that he will get sad if she doesn’t eat. Tara agrees to have Agastya draws smiley on the noodles with the ketchup. Tara says that she also does the same. Agastya says that she’s his small version. Tara and Agastya feed the noodles to each other.

At the hospital Pakhi gains her consciousness and says that she should go to find her daughter. The nurse and doctor try to stop her. Pakhi stops seeing Sameer. She gets emotional and says papa. She cries hugging Sameer. The latter asks where she has gone. Pakhi apologizes to him. Other hand Tara asks why her mom hasn’t returned home yet. Agastya convinces Tara to sleep by assuring to wake her up when her mom will return. He puts Tara to sleep and he lays next to her. Tara hugs Agastya. He recalls him hugging Pakhi the same way.

In the hospital Pakhi says that she has to leave them to keep her family and her child away from Agastya. Sameer says that he became grandfather and he doesn’t even know this. He calls himself unlucky. Pakhi says that she’s unfortunate as the Tara whom she tried keep away from Agastya all these years is with Agastya now. Sameer asks what she’s saying.

Pakhi says that Tara is with Agastya and he took her to her house. He says that he should call in the hotel reception to know if Agastya dropped her off at the hotel. Sameer gives Pakhi her phone. Pakhi turns on her phone and calls hotel reception. She learns that Agastya is with Tara in the room. Pakhi tells the same to Sameer. She cries and says that she wants her Tara back.

At the hotel a lady comes to Agastya and says that she’s Tara’s mom. Agastya introduces himself and says that Tara was worried about her. She says that her mobile got off and apologizes to Agastya for the difficulty he faced because of them. Agastya praises Tara. He takes leave. Agastya leaves the hotel. Pakhi and Sameer see this hiding. Agastya stops sensing Pakhi’s presence.

The episode ends.