Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th June 2022 Written Update: Agastya gets determined to find the truth


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Agastya asking Pakhi to say that he didn’t beat anyone unnecessarily. Pakhi says to the inspector that he is wrong, Agastya didn’t beat him, that person is lying. The inspector says that Agastya didn’t beat him up in front of her, but he could have beaten him afterwards. Pakhi looks confused. Agastya thinks that he can see doubt on Pakhi’s face again. Dadi says to Agastya that the lawyer is coming, so he shouldn’t worry. The inspector says that Agastya has to stay in the lock up for this night if that staff gave his official statement.

Prema says to Sameer and Shanaya that maybe the staff is lying for money, Agastya can’t do it. But Sameer doubts Agastya. Shanaya says that Agastya has changed. Sameer hopes that it’s true. He reminds Prema that Agastya did all the mistakes in the past due to his madness for Pakhi. He says that he also wants to believe in Agastya, but human’s nature can’t change overnight. Prema says that she believes Agastya and says that he will get to know Agastya didn’t do anything when the truth will come out. Sameer hopes for the same.

The inspector says to Agastya that the staff Raghav disappeared from the hospital even before registering his official statement, so there’s no case. Agastya says that he wants to complaint against him to know why he framed him. The inspector says that it’s his rights, but they can’t find him soon as they already have lot of pending case. Agastya says that he will hire a private detective to help them and find Raghav as it’s necessary for him to know why he accused him falsely. Pakhi receives Prema’s call and goes apart to talk.

Dadi says to Agastya that thankfully there’s no any case on him. Agastya complaints that Pakhi ignored him, it means that she still doubts him. Dadi says that nothing is like that. After reaching home Agastya says to Pakhi that he hasn’t done anything. He says that it’s better he gets jailed if she still doubts him. Pakhi says that he deserves to be in the jail shocking Agastya. She hugs him and says that he will be jailed in her arms. She slaps him and scolds for thinking that she doubted him. She says that she trusts him and warns to never think that she can doubt him.

Agastya asks then why she was disturbed. Pakhi says that she got scared with what all happened in the resort. She wonders if all are not connected. Agastya reassures Pakhi and says that he will catch him. Pakhi says that Agastya should get punished for thinking that he can doubt her. Agastya asks what his punishment is. Pakhi gets romantic with Agastya. Someone is watching this through the spy camera footage. That person turns off the computer

Agastya talks to the detective about finding Raghav. He introduces Pakhi to the detective and says to contact inspector about this case. The detective takes leave. Pakhi receives Ishan’s message. Ishan asking if Pakhi is fine. Agastya sees this. Agastya says that Raghav was admitted where Ishan is working and hopes that he won’t misunderstand him. Pakhi says that she will talk to him. Agastya says that it doesn’t need. Pakhi says that she can’t tolerate anyone misunderstand him due to his past, so it’s important for her to clear his name.

Pakhi calls Ishan. She says to Ishan to not doubt Agastya. She says that Agastya didn’t beat up Raghav, he accused Agastya falsely, so she requests him to not misunderstand Agastya. She says that she saw that Agastya has changed, so he can’t beat anyone. She doesn’t know why he is lying, but they will soon find it. Ishan says that this is why he wanted to stay away from them as he doesn’t want Agastya to become a part of his life. He says that Agastya can act as he has changed and gets scared what he will do if that’s the case. Pakhi disconnects the call saying that she will call him later. Pakhi thinks that Agastya will get hurt if he knows that Ishan still doubts her, so she lies to Agastya that Ishan doesn’t doubt him.

Mona says to Agastya and Pakhi that Meera can be behind what happened. Agastya says that it’s not possible, he talked to the commissioner, Meera can’t be released. Agastya asks Pakhi if she’s coming to the office. Pakhi says that she is going to meet her parents. Agastya says that he can clarify to her parents if she wants. Pakhi says that her parents won’t doubt him.

Pakhi receives Mohit’s call. Mohit asks about Agastya getting arrested. Pakhi says that Agastya is innocent and Raghav framed him. Mohit says that he can track Raghav using his social accounts. He says Pakhi to meet him in the cafe to talk about the same. Pakhi agrees. Pakhi is waiting in the cafe for Mohit. Someone punctures Mohit’s bike. Mohit sees that his bike’s tyres are pubctured and gets irritated. Ishan comes to the café. Pakhi spots him and talks to him. Agastya receives a message. It’s written that Agastya will lose Pakhi forever and he is asked to come to the café to know the truth.

Pakhi learns that Mohit can’t come. Ishan asks Pakhi why she is meeting him here. Pakhi says that Mohit is helping to track Raghav who framed Agastya, she is doing it without Agastya’s knowledge as he will get worried if learns this. Ishan offers to help her. He says that Raghav was admitted in his hospital, so they can check the hospital’s CCTV footage to get any clue. Pakhi agrees and thanks him. Agastya arrives there. Pakhi is confused on seeing him there.

The episode ends.


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