Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th February 2022 Written Update: Pakhi and Ishan’s wedding date gets fixed


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ishan and Pakhi being locked in the cold chamber while Agastya shouting Pakhi standing outside the room. Ishan draws a heart on Pakhi’s ring finger and proposes her for marriage. Pakhi says yes. He hugs her. Agastya brings a ward boy and asks to break the door as someone is trapped inside. The ward boy says that it’s digital lock and the device needs to be fixed to open it. Agastya tries to fix the device by joining the wires. Pakhi is losing her consciousness. Ishan asks Pakhi to keep her eyes open. Agastya fixes the wire and opens the door. He rushes inside and saves Pakhi while the ward boys save Ishan.

Later Ishan and Agastya ask Pakhi to rest. She says that she’s fine. Ishan asks Agastya what he is doing in the hospital. Agastya says that he has come to talk to him regarding Pakhi. The ward boy told him that he is in the cold chamber. Ishan thanks Agastya for saving him and Pakhi. Pakhi says to Agastya that Ishan and her sorted out their misunderstanding. Ishan says that he proposed Pakhi out of the fear that they’re going to die and she agreed. Agastya gets shocked.

Later Agastya and Pakhi are on their way in the car. Pakhi asks Agastya if he isn’t happy with her decision. Agastya stops the car and goes out followed by Pakhi. Agastya asks if she can walk barefoot on that nail bed. He asks how she can trust Ishan again and accept his marriage proposal. Pakhi tries to calm Agastya. She says that her heart says that Ishan is right for her. She wasn’t scared when she is close to the death as Ishan was with her. So she told him that if they survive they will always stay together and will trust each other. That time he proposed her and she said yes as she felt it’s right. She can accept all the challenges for her love even walking on the nails bed. Pakhi is about to place her foot over the nails bed, but Agastya places his hand in between and gets hurt. Pakhi asks why he hurt himself. He says that he can’t bear Pakhi getting hurt. Pakhi says that she can bear this pain, but can’t bear the pain of not being with Ishan. She requests Agastya to accept Ishan. She can’t be happy if Agastya hates Ishan. Agastya says that he is happy in her happiness. Pakhi hugs Agastya thanking him. Pakhi worries how to convince her family. Agastya says that he will handle them.

Pakhi’s family questions Pakhi about Ishan. Agastya says that Ishan is a good guy. He knows him. Family agrees and decides to call Ishan the next day for lunch. The next day Ishan and his family visit Pakhi’s family. Ishan takes Pakhi’s parents blessings. Agastya finds Ishan dramatic. Pakhi father has a bite of the sweet brought by Ishan family and spills it as it’s spoiled. Ishan apologizes to him. Agastya says to let it go. Agastya belittles Ishan saying that he saved ring money by drawing a heart with marker on Pakhi’s finger. Pakhi’s thinks that he’s joking asks him to stop teasing Ishan. Agastya says that he was just joking. Ishan says that he will get a gold ring for Pakhi for their engagement.

The priest checks the horoscopes of Pakhi and Ishan and tells that their married life can be difficult shocking both the family. Ishan says that their love is enough. Agastya says let them decide about their life. He asks Ishan to close his eyes and touch a date on the calendar. Ishan obliges. Agastya says that it decide that the wedding take place on 22nd February. Pakhi gets excited. Pakhi says that they will complete the remedies the priest will tell them and congratulates everyone. They get worried how to prepare everything in such short period. Agastya assures to take care of everything. He says that the next day will be Pakhi and Ishan’s stag and hen party. Ishan refuses, but his brother insists him to accept and he agrees. Ishan holds Pakhi’s hand saying that he can hold her hand officially hereafter. Agastya intentionally hurts his finger to get Pakhi’s attention. Pakhi worries for Agastya and asks him to be careful.

Agastya says that he will let Pakhi marry Ishan to make her realize her mistake. But Ishan will be killed because of Pakhi’s mistake. He laughs. The morning Agastya asks the staff to do as Pakhi’s father says. He thinks that he is going to get a shock in Ishan’s stag party. Pakhi is in video call with Ishan. She says that she does not like the lehenga that she chose. She regrets choosing it. Agastya tears the lehenga shocking Pakhi and Ishan. Agastya says that if the choice goes wrong, one should rectify it. He says that he will take her to the boutique. Later Agastya asks Pakhi’s family men if they choose their clothes for Ishan’s stag party. He says that they won’t forget this party.

The episode ends.

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