Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th August 2022 Written Update: Pakhi learns the truth


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Agastya’s lookalike panicking as he is asked to prepare the prasad using Dadi’s secret recipe that only Agastya knows. Meera says to Agastya’s lookalike that she will make Agastya prepare the prasad and will send it through her man. They change their topic when Pakhi comes there. Meera leaves. Pakhi wants to help Agastya. Agastya’s lookalike refuses to take Pakhi’s help stating it’s Dadi’s secret recipe and sends her away.

Yug have put Meera’s call on the speaker. Agastya refuses to make prasad. Meera threatens to kill Tara if Agastya doesn’t agree. Agastya nods ok without any option. Meera messages Agastya’s lookalike that Agastya is making the prasad. Pakhi and other family members are arranging for Puja. Pakhi wonders why Agastya looked scared when he was asked to make prasad.

Here Yug gives Agastya list of ingredients to corss check if he has everything to make prasad. Agastya recalls Dadi’s words about God fulfilling the wish of one who prepares the prasad with full sincerity. He starts making prasad. Agastya finishes making Prasad. He sees the paper Yug gave. He looks around to confirm Meera’s goons aren’t near the cage. He writes a note for Pakhi in which he says that Meera kidnapped him and the Agastya who is at home is a doppelganger. He places that letter inside the tiffin carrier. Yug checks the tiffin carrier and finds that note. He opens the cage and cones inside with a knife. He threatens Agastya. Agastya says that he could have caught the letter, but the truth will reachbto Pakhi anyhow. Yug says that Agastya is gone mad. He closes the cage. He drops the key by mistakenly while taking his phone out of the pocket. Agastya notices this.

Other hand Meera’s man gives Agastya’s lookalike the prasad. Agastya’s lookalike serves it on a plate and takes it to the family. Here Agastya pick up the key and hides it. There Agastya says to the family that he hopes he made the prasad as Dadi used to make. Pakhi comes to the balcony to clean. She finds the ingredients shattered on the ground and realizes that prasad made outside the house and brought it here. She wonders who apart Agastya can make the prasad as only him and Dadi knows the recipe. Pakhi gets confused with whatever happening.

Later Agastya’s family celebrate Janmashtami. Agastya’s lookalike lens comes out, so he goes to fix it. Tara asks where Agastya is. Meera says that he isn’t here. Tara gets scared and hugs Agastya when he comes back. Pakhi asks Tara why she got scared. Tara says that she gets scared if anyone says that dad isn’t here. She says that even Dadi said her that dad isn’t here before fainting, but dad was with Pakhi on the mandap. Pakhi gets shocked hearing this.

Agastya’s lookalike performs puja with Pakhi. She wonders why Dadi said so and realizes that he is Agastya’s doppelganger. Pakhi excuses herself and goes apart. She breaks down in tears realizing that all these days she was living with Agastya’s doppelgangers and failed to recognize him. She wonders what would have happened with real Agastya and gets determined to find the truth. She prays to God to find the truth and save his family from Agastya’s doppelganger.

Episode Ends.

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