Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th July 2022 Written Update: Tara learns about Ishan’s evil intention


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mona getting scared on seeing the box moving and telling the same to Naveli. The latter checks the box and says that there’s only microwave in the box. Tara is hiding in the temple. She decides to hide there still she gets opportunity to talk and convince Agastya. She feels hungry so she have the laddu placed in front of God. She wonders why Agastya wants to send her back. She hears Agastya’s voice.

Agastya is in the call with Payal. The latter says that she told her dad, he changed his decision. He asks who told her this. Just then police arrives there to search Agastya’s house. Agastya asks what he did. Pakhi comes and says Agastya to not act innocent after kidnapping Tara. Agastya asks Tara is kidnapped. He denies the allegations. Pakhi says that she isn’t scared of his high tone and asks where her daughter is. Tara hears Pakhi and gets worried that she will rebuke Agastya.

Dadi says that Pakhi is accusing Agastya after returning to this house after ages. Pakhi tries to take Dadi’s blessings, but Dadi stops her. Pakhi says that being a mother she should understand her mother’s heart and adds that Dadi also knows that Agastya already did crimes. She says that she knows that Agastya kidnapped Tara. Mona defends Agastya. The latter calms her down. He asks police to search the house. Police starts looking for Tara in the house. Pakhi doubts that Agastya is keeping Tara in his secret room in his bedroom.

Pakhi takes the inspector to Agastya’s room despite Agastya trying to stop her. Pakhi asks inspector to search well in Agastya’s room. Pakhi stumbles and is about to fall. Agastya holds her hand. Pakhi notices that the room is filled with her photos. Pakhi says that she was right about Agastya. She says that Agastya is still obsessed with her, he didn’t change at all. The inspector says that they didn’t find anything in this room. Pakhi asks the inspector to check Agastya’s secret room which is behind the cupboard.

Tara is hiding wondering whether to go in front of her mom or not. She gets scared seeing Ishan coming that way. Ishan receives Meera’s call from the jail. Meera asks if Pakhi agreed for him adopting Tara legally. Ishan says that everything was going right, but the child went missing. Meera scolds him for not being able to handle a child. Ishan says that the child already irritated him, he is finding her in Agastya’s room. He says that he had enough of mother and daughter drama, he will make Tara out of his path and life after getting Pakhi. Tara gets shocked on hearing this. Tara decides to not go out as if Ishan finds her, he will make her go away from her mom. She prays to God to help her.

Ishan asks the inspector to interrogate him to find Tara’s whereabouts. Agastya asks inspector to take him to the police station to interrogate him. He asks Pakhi and inspector to search in other places too. Ishan says that Agastya is putting up an act of being nice. Inspector says that they have to arrest him as they got complaint against him. Ishan says to the inspector to make Agastya spill the truth as he on knows where he kept Tara. Tara says that police is arresting Einstein uncle thinking that he kidnapped her. She wonders what to do. Dadi says to Pakhi that Agastya bounded with Tara even before he knows that Tara is her daughter. Just then Tara comes there.

Tara is about to hug Agastya. Pakhi calls out Tara. Pakhi hugs Tara. She asks how she reached here. Ishan asks Tara to tell that Agastya kidnapped her. Tara says that she herself came here because of Ishan, who is bad. She doesn’t want him as dad, so she came to seek Agastya’s help, but he told that he would take her back home if she came here.

Pakhi apologizes to the inspector for the misunderstanding and takes her complain back. Police understands her and leaves. Agastya says to Tara that she should have rab from the house as her mom got worried. He says her to not do like this again and asks her to promise the same. Tara does so. Ishan says to let go home. Tara refuses to go along with Ishan. She runs to Agastya’s room and sees Pakhi’s photos in Agastya’s room. She asks Pakhi why her photos are in Einstein uncle’s room. Agastya and Pakhi look at each other.

The episode ends.

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