Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st August 2022 Written Update: Meera’s plan against Agastya and Pakhi


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sameer apologizing to Agastya for misjudging him. Agastya says that Sameer isn’t at fault and the real culprit got punished. He adds that he forgot the past and certain that the future will be beautiful. After two days, Dadi asks Mona to prepare the aarti plate to welcome Agastya and Pakhi. Just then Pakhi, Agastya and Tara arrive. Pakhi performs graha pravesh ritual. Agastya assures Dadi that he is completely fine. Mona is glad that finally their family is united and wishes that no one cast evil eye on their family. Pakhi says that they should protect the family from Meera’s evil eye. She is sure that the other day Meera entered the hospital.

Naveli assures Pakhi that Meera won’t disturb them again. Pakhi says that she can’t be at peace till Meera get caught. Tara reminds Pakhi her promise to her to never be sad. In order to cheer up Pakhi Tara plays a song and dance with family members. Dadi stumbles and she pushes down the Agastya’s photo frame mistakenly. The photo frame shatters. Dadi gets worried considering it a bad omen. Agastya asks if Dadi is fine. He doesn’t believe on the bad omen. He says that he’s hungry so let have food. They all leave. Pakhi stops feeling someone is observing them..

Pakhi tries to convince Tara to have drink. Agastya comes to the room. Pakhi complains to Agastya that Tara refuses to drink milk. Tara says to Agastya that she won’t talk to him if he takes her side. Tara says that Pakhi herself doesn’t like milk, but asks her to drink. Tara runs. Agastya catches Pakhi. Agastya agrees with Tara’s point and asks Pakhi to drink milk first. Pakhi refuses. Agastya forces. The trio laugh and share a group hug. Later Agastya thanks Tara for drinking milk. Agastya and Pakhi tell a bed time story for Tara. The latter falls asleep.

Elsewhere Meera refuses to give up after her plan’s failure. She decides to make a foolproof plan this time. She tells someone that everything is in his hand once the plan starts. She says that from the next day Agastya and Pakhi’s life will be ruined. Here Pakhi looks at her pictures on Agastya’s room. She gets emotional and apologizes to Agastya. She calls herself worst mother and wife to keep Tara away from Agastya for six years. She apologizes to him again. She says that she missed him every day in the last six years. Agastya says that he was certain that Pakhi would return and she returned. Pakhi apologizes again. Agastya kisses her forehead. Agastya says to let celebrate forgetting the past. He puts a earpot in his ears and another one in Pakhi’s ear. They dance romantically.

The morning Pakhi shares her fear with Dadi. She worries that Meera will ruin their happiness. She says that she’s worried about Agastya after what had happened in the hospital. Agastya gets ready to leave for the hospital. Pakhi asks Agastya to work from home. Agastya complains to Tara. The latter takes Pakhi’s side. Dadi, Naveli and Mona also take Pakhi’s side. Agastya tries to prove his fit and fine and feels pain in the place he got shot. Pakhi gets worried and strictly says to go and rest in his room. Pakhi drags Agastya to their room. Tara gets happy saying that dad got scolded by mom instead of her.

Pakhi wants to check Agastya’s wound. Agastya starts to romance Pakhi. Pakhi says that she will tie him up if he tries to go out of the room and leaves. Agastya looks on getting disappointed. Tara suggests playing a game. Agastya comes and says that they can play hide seek. Pakhi is about to refuse. Agastya says that they will play inside the house and requests her. Pakhi agrees. Tara starts counting while others go and hide. Pakhi and Agastya want to hide in their bedroom. Pakhi says that only she can hid here. They argue. Pakhi pushes Agastya out of their bedroom and closes the door. Agastya hides in the storeroom. Agastya gets shocked on seeing someone there. That person attacks Ishan with a rod. Agastya fanits.

The episode ends.

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