Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st September 2022 Written Update: Agastya tries to defuse the bomb


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pakhi telling Meera that Agastya killed Thakur and police arrested Agastya. She asks Meera to release Tara and his family. Meera asks Vicky to bring Tara. Pakhi thinks Agastya saying her to assure first their family’s security. Vicky brings Tara. Pakhi asks Meera to remove the bomb from Tara’s hand. Meera says that she won’t remove it till she gets her money.

Agastya forces Pratap to phone Meera and ask her to come to collect her money. Agastya gets Pratap arrest. Meera gets elated that she’s going to get her money finally. She asks Vicky to keep an eye on the family while she’s going to collect the money. Vicky asks what if she runs away taking the money. Meera assures him that she will return with money.

Yug apologizes to Agastya and Pakhi’s family for Meera act. He tells them how she used him for her own benefits and how Agastya sent him to abroad after saving him from Meera. Yug refuses to let Meera win. He tries to break the door. Vicky asks the goons to silent Vicky The goons beat Yug. A goon tells Yug that Agastya got arrested and warns to kill him if he doesn’t sit quiet. After the goons leave, Shanaya gives Yug water.

Tara prays to God to help them. Agastya distracts the goon and gets inside the house. He beats the goon and makes him unconscious. He drags him to the room where the family is held. The family is surprised to see Agastya there. Agastya tells the family what happened. He says that Meera can’t escape hereafter, but she has the bomb remote. He says that they have only 30 minutes left for the bomb to blast. He seeks family’s help. He asks them to shout. He will handle once Vicky will comes here.

The family starts to shout. Vicky goes to check. Pakhi tells Tara that Agastya is safe. Vicky asks the family why they are shouting. Agastya comes in front of Vicky. Meera waits for Pratap and wonders if he deceived her. She starts to leave from there. Police follow Meera. Agastya comes downstairs dressing up as Vicky. The family garhered in the hall.

Pakhi tells them that Agastya will tell Meera that he brought them all here to watch them closely as he got doubt on them. Agastya says that Meera can return any time, the inspector messaged him that she left the location. Agastya asks Tara to act as she’s scared. Tara agrees. Meera returns and says that it seems Pratap deceived them. She asks what the whole family is doing here.

Agastya says that he brought them here, so they don’t try to escape. Agastya says that he put a trackeevin Pratap’s pocket when he went to the pandal as he doubted that he would deceive them. Agastya gives Meera the phone to track him and ask him the money when she will find him. He asks Meera to give him the bomb remote so that he can press the button once she will collect the money from Pratap.

Pakhi and the family ask Meera to not give the remote to him. Meera says that she isn’t fool to listen to them and is about to give the remote to Agastya. Meanwhile Vicky kicks a table. Meera stops hearing a noise and asks what it’s. She is about to go to check. Agastya stops her and reminds that collecting money is important. He says that he will go to get money. Meera says that she will go. She gives the remote to Agastya and leaves. Agastya tries to defuse the bomb with the help of an expert.

The episode ends.

The episode starts with threatening Agastya. She says that he won’t be able to see Pakhi and Tara again if Agastya doesn’t kill Thakur. She says to Agastya that Thakur is coming for the new college’s inauguration and asks them to leave immediately. At the college, Pratap calls Meera and warns her that this time their plan shouldn’t flop. 

Agastya, Pakhi and Vicky reach college. Agastya says that security has tightened after the last incident, so he won’t be able to take the gun inside. Vicky distracts the security guards. Agastya and Pakhi go inside the college with a gun. Vicky informs Meera the same. 

Meera says to the family that she is going to get a lot of money after Agastya kills Thakur. She says that then she will finally be free. She asks them to dance. Sameer says that God will punish Meera for her sins. Meera calls the goons and instructs them to beat Sameer and Yug. They oblige. Mona says that God won’t let Meera win. Meera says that she has already won and forces them to dance. 

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