Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th July 2022 Written Update: Ishan’s evil plan to harm Tara


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tara asking Pakhi and Agastya why Pakhi’s photo is in Agastya’s room. Pakhi drags Tara from there without answering her question.Tara demands to know the answer. Agastya asks Pakhi how long she will hide the truth from Tara.The latter asks what truth. She says that her mom never lies to her. She asks Agastya to answer to her question. Agastya says to Tara that he and Pakhi have an old relation. Tara asks what rekation means. Agastya says that they were best friends once. Tara says that they also have a relation as they are friends.

Tara asks Pakhi why she’s not friend with Agastya anymore. She asks if she got upset with him. Agastya says that he hurt her so she got upset with him. Tara asks Agastya to apologize to Pakhi to reconcile. Pakhi says to Tara that sorry can’t fix everything. Pakhi apologizes for troubling them and assures that they won’t have any trouble in the future because of her and her daughter. She leaves taking Tara with her. Ishan glares at Agastya before leaving.

Tara apologizes to Sameer for secretly leaving and promises to never repeat it. Tara says that she doesn’t like Ishan, but she likes Agastya. She asks Pakhi to befriend Agastya again so that she can meet him daily. Tara leaves as she is called to have cake. Sameer says that Agastya is manipulating Tara using her innocence. He can turn Tara against her. He asks her to decide what to do.

Tara says to Pakhi that she will listen to all her words if she befriends Agastya again. Pakhi says that she has to eat the vegetables twice in a week then only she will think. Tara agrees. Just then Agastya comes there. He retuns Pakhi Tara’s asthma pump. They talk about Tara’s asthma issue. Tara asks them to leave that and asks them to become friends again. Agastya says that he isn’t interested to become Pakhi’s friend. A FB shows. Pakhi storms into Agastya’s office. She lashes out at Agastya and accuses him of getting closer to Tara to take his revenge on her.

Agastya justifies that he became closer to Tara before knowing she’s Pakhi’s daughter. He says that he also wants to protect her. Pakhi asks Agastya to go away from Tara if he really wants her wellbeing. FB ends. Tara asks Agastya why he didn’t want to become her mom’s friend. Agastya says that children should not interfere in elders matter. He says that he doesn’t time to talk with her. He adds that he doesn’t want her mom’s friendship. Tara gets upset and says that she will never talk to him. She leaves. Agastya also leaves. Pakhi apologizes to Tara in her mind for asking Agastya to upset so that she stops talking with him.

Ishan says that Agastya rudely talked to Tara and now Tara doesn’t want to address to him. Meera laughs and says that Agastya did this to win Pakhi’s heart. Ishan holds Meera by her neck and warns her to not laugh at him again. Meera says that she’s trying to help him. She asks him to poison Pakhi’s mind against Agastya before her heart melt and accept Agastya. She reminds him that Tara is Pakhi’s biggest weakness and asks what if Tara gets harmed because of Agastya. Ishan agrees with Meera’s idea.

Pakhi’s prepares her bag to go to Ishan’s house. Tara asks why Agastya talked to her like that when they’re friends. Pakhi asks Tara to not think about this. Pakhi thanks Tara for accepting her words and giving a chance to Ishan. She says that Ishan isn’t bad. Tara says that this time Mom is happy, but she’s sad as Agastya isn’t talking to her.

Pakhi brings Tara to Ishan’s house. Ishan puts up an act and says that someone attacked him. He says that he suspects Agastya to be behind this attack. He asks Tara to move aside pretending that she will place her foot on broken glass piece so that she place her foot on the water and get electrocuted. Tara sees the current wries fallen on the water. She smartly moves the wires from the water using a stick. So Ishan puts the marbles on the floor. Tara’s leg slips and she falls down shocking Pakhi.

The episode ends.

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