Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st July 2022 Written Update: Pakhi tells Tara the truth


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ishan throwing the marbles on the floor. Tara slips and falls down. She shouts and cries in pain. Pakhi rushes to Tara and panicks seeing her head bleeding. Pakhi rushes Tara to the hospital. Ishan provokes Pakhi against Agastya stating that Tara got hurt because of Agastya. The nurse says that they need AB negative blood for Tara. Shanaya says that she’s AB negative. She goes to donate blood.

Later doctor says to Pakhi that Tara’s surgery got successful and she’s sleeping now due to the medicine’s effect. Pakhi thanks God. Ishan smirks thinking that Pakhi’s happiness is short-term as he informed Agastya about Tara’s accident. Just then Agastya arrives there and asks how Tara is. Doctor says that she’s out of danger. Agastya rushes to meet Tara Pakhi stops Agastya and blames Agastya for Tara’s condition which confuses Agastya.

Ishan says that Agastya wanted to hurt him by breaking things in his house, but Tara got injured in this. Agastya asks why he would do it. Pakhi says to take revenge on her. Agastya deines it. She lashes out at him and refuses to listen to hiis explanation. She asks him to get out. Agastya leaves. She says to Ishan to talk to his lawyer to adopt Tara legally. Ishan smirks.

Agastya suspects that Ishan is behind all this and shares this with Naveli. The latter says that Pakhi is with him and asks why he would hurt his daughter. Agastya gets thoughtful. The morning the lawyer arrives at Pakhi’s house with adoption papers. Pakhi feels reluctant to sign it. Agastya arrives when Pakhi is about to sign. Agastya throws Tara’s medical report and says that Tara’s blood group doesn’t match with Pakhi or Ishan’s blood group, but matches with his blood group. He asks Pakhi if Tara is their daughter. Pakhi stays silent.

Ishan intervenes and asks Agastya to stay out of their private matter. He asks Pakhi to sign the paper. Agastya tears up the adoption papers. He demands Pakhi to tell the truth. Just then Tara retuns home with Shanaya. She sees Agastya and says that she knows that he has come to apologize to her, but she’s angry with him. Agastya cries and apologizes to her. Tara forgives him and says to not cry. She wipes his tears saying that he got more sad. She hugs him. Agastya kisses her head. He breaks her hug and promises Tara that no one can separate them hereafter. Ishan holds Tara’s hand tightly and says that Agastya can’t be her friend. Agastya holds Ishan by neck and warns him to not touch his daughter.

Agastya notices Tara’s one hair in between his finger. He says that Pakhi didn’t answer his question, so will get his answer with Tara’s hair for DNA test. Pakhi cries. Tara asks Prema why Agastya and Ishan fought. Prema takes her inside. Pakhi comes to Tara. The latter asks Pakhi what truth Agastya was talking about. Pakhi says to Tara that she lied to her, her dad isn’t with God, he is alive. She shows her and Agastya’s photo and reveals that Agastya is her dad. Tara gets happy knowing this and dances. She says to Ishan that he is a liar and now they all three will together while he will be alone. Sameer takes Pakhi apart and asks why she told Tara the truth.

Pakhi says that the truth will be out with DNA report and she doesn’t want Tara learn the truth from someone else. She apologizes to Ishan. Sameer gets scared that Agastya will take Tara with him if he gets DNA proof. He asks Pakhi to go far with Tara. Pakhi refuses to run away getting scared of Agastya and gets determined to not let Agastya take Tara’s custody at any cost.

The episode ends.

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