Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st June 2022 Written Update: Pakhi apologizes to Agastya for doubting him


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pakhi saying to Mohit that she wants to be alone for a while. She says that she can’t accept that Agastya put the hidden cameras in her bedroom. She requests to Mohit to not tell Agastya that she’s here if he calls him. Mohit agrees and leaves. Other hand Agastya calls Pakhi and wonders why she’s disconnecting the call. He calls Mohit and asks where Pakhi is. Mohit says that Pakhi was with him, but she wanted to be alone for a while. Agastya scolds him for leaving Pakhi alone and asks where he saw her lastly. Mohit disconnects his call.

Ishan meets Pakhi in the café. Pakhi asks what he is doing here. Ishan says that his hospital is nearby and he came here to take a break. He asks what happened, why she looks worried. Pakhi tells him what happened. She says that it seemed Agastya was beating Raghav and threatening him, but her heart refuses to accept that Agastya can do like this. Ishan says Pakhi to listen to her heart. He further says that Agastya didn’t do this as Agastya is smart, if he had really kidnapped Raghav, Mohi couldn’t have tracked his location. He reminds Pakhi that he was stalking her for many years without her knowledge.

Pakhi says that she believed from the beginning that Agastya can’t do this and Raghav is lying. She regrets leaving Agastya alone and gets ready to leave. Ishan makes Pakhi fall without her knowledge and holds her. Pakhi leaves. Ishan says that it’s going to be a memorable day for Agastya.

Mohit says to Prema and Sameer that he doesn’t think that Agastya has changed. Sameer says that he won’t let Agastya spoil her life again. Shanaya and Prema stop Sameer. Sameer says that he won’t let Pakhi stay with Agastya and he will do every possible thing for that.

Agastya received an unknown envelope which contains Pakhi and Ishan’s photo. Agastya gets angry on seeing that photos. Just then Pakhi comes back home. Agastya hides the photos. Pakhi tries to talk to Agastya. The latter gets a vase. He gets on his knee. He asks Pakhi to hit him with that vase if she wants. He requests her to listen to him once before that. Pakhi gets on her knee too. She apologizes to Agastya for doubting him. He hugs cries hugging him. Agastya says that he will get shattered if her trusts on him breaks.

Pakhi says that it will never happen. Agastya kisses her forehead. Pakhi asks what is in the envelope. Agastya lies that it’s some office papers. Ishan’s man sees this and informs Ishan. The latter gets furious that Agastya didn’t doubt Pakhi despite seeing those photos. He vows to snatch Pakhi from him.

Agastya comes to Dadi and shows photos of Pakhi with Ishan. He says that he doesn’t why some wants to create misunderstanding between them. Dadi asks if he told Pakhi about it. Agastya says no. He rests his head on Dadi’s lap. He says that he doesn’t want Pakhi thinks that he is keeping an eye on her. He says that he is tired of proving that he has changed. Dadi says that she will support whatever he will decide about this. Agastya says that he had enough and he doesn’t know what to do.

Pakhi is hesitated to face Agastya after doubting him. Agastya gifts a dress to Pakhi and seeks her permission to make her ready. Pakhi asks what is special that day and asks if they met first or went to movie for the first time on this day. Agastya says that he doesn’t need any first day to celebrate with her. Agastya makes Pakhi ready. He gets romantic. Pakhi stops him and asks him to get ready. Agastya kisses Pakhi and leaves.

Pakhi reaches the hotel and finds the arrangements beautiful. Ishan is also there disguised as the waiter. He vows make Agastya and Pakhi’s this night unforgettable.

The episode ends.

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