Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Ishan kidnaps Pakhi and Tara


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ishan telling Meera that he changed Tara’s DNA test report, in the DNA report it will be written that Tara isn’t Agastya’s daughter. Meera reminds him that Pakhi already told Tara the truth. She offers to help him to unite with Pakhi and asks to bail her out for that. Ishan says that he is trying. He asks what she will do with the lot of money she asked for. Meera says that she has some work. Ishan leaves. Meera says that she doesn’t need Ishan to get released from the jail. She gives money to a lady warden. She gives Meera a tablet. Meera eats it and faints. The warden shouts that Meera got a heart attack.

Pakhi comes to Agastya’s house along with Sameer and Ishan’s help to see the DNA report result. Ishan is happy that he changed the report. A man brings the report and says that it’s positive, Tara is Agastya’s daughter shocking Ishan. The latter asks how it’s possible and tries to see the report. Agastya doesn’t let him see the report and shows a video in which Ishan asks to change the DNA report. Agastya says that he saw in his eyes his wrong intention so he fixed cameras in the lab and he got the original report morning.

Agastya asks Pakhi how she can stoop so low to keep his daughter away from him. He says that he accepts her challenge and says that he will legally get Tara’s custody. He gives her legal papers and asks her to bring Tara to the court afternoon. He warns to not play any trick else police will catch her.

Pakhi scolds Ishan for changing the report. He justifies that he tried to help her and says that Pakhi did wrong by telling Tara the truth. Pakhi says that Tara is her daughter and she will decide about telling her the truth or not. She asks him to not interfere in her family matters hereafter. Pakhi says to Sameer to go to the court with lawyer while she wants to spend some time alone with Tara.

Later in the court Agastya’s asks Sameer where Pakhi and Tara are. Sameer says that Pakhi wanted to spend some time with Tara. Agastya doubts that Pakhi will ran away with Tara like she did six years ago. He calls her ans finds her phone switched off. He goes to find her. Elsewhere Pakhi and Tara are shown are unconscious and Ishan is taking them in the car. He recalls Tara and Pakhi fainting after ice cream. He gets determined to not let Pakhi return to Agastya at any cost. Agastya comes to Pakhi’s house looking for her followed by Sameer. Prema asks Sameer about Pakhi. Sameer says that Pakhi and Tara are didn’t reach court.

Elsewhere Pakhi and Tara gain their consciousness and wonder where they’re. She tries to open the door. Here Agastya says to Sameer and Prema that Pakhi can’t run away with Tara and says that he will find them with police’s help. He says that Ishan must know where Pakhi is. Agastya reaches Ishan’s place with police. Police doesn’t find Ishan in his place. He wonders if Ishan took Pakhi and Tara from here.

Elsewhere Pakhi is shocked knowing that Ishan brought her and Tara by making them unconscious. Pakhi shouts at Pakhi and asks why he is doing this. Ishan shouts scarring Pakhi. He says that Agastya will take Tara from Pakhi any at cost despite any court decision, so she should go away from Agastya for her and Tara’s protection. He adds that she’s precious for him and can’t see her hurt.

Tara asks why the bad uncle keeps saying that they should go away from dad. Ishan says that Agastya is bad. Tara denies and says that he is bad. She hits Ishan with a pillow and threatens to complain about him to her dad. Pakhi stops Tara. She says to Ishan that he is right that they three should go away from Agastya. Ishan goes to get ready the car to leave. Tara asks Pakhi why she said like that. Pakhi looks on.

Other hand Meera is hospitalized. Doctor tells police that Meera had a fake heart attack by eating some medicine. Police goes to check on Meera and doesn’t find her. Here Pakhi fools Ishan and drives off with Tara. They reach police station. Tara sees Agastya going inside the police station and calls out papa.

Agastya hears it, but fails to see her. The inspector informs Agastya that Meera escaped from the jail shocking him. Pakhi and Tara is about to enter the police station, but they stop seeing Ishan there and try to escape. But Ishan holds Tara and places a knife near her neck shocking Pakhi.

The episode ends.

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