Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Pakhi refuses to believe Agastya


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Agastya promising Pakhi to never let smile fade away. Pakhi says to Agastya I love you. They have a romantic dance. Ishan looks at them angrily and thinks that it’s time for the blast. They share a tight hug. Ishan starts count back from five. Agastya makes Pakhi sit. A man enters. The manager stops him. The man says that he has to urgently give thses photos to Agastya. Agastya says to the manager to let him in.

The man says to Agastya that he got the photos he asked to develop and asks his money. Agastya recalls receiving photos of Pakhi with Ishan and says that he deny it. He asks the man who has sent him and threatens to call police. The man says that Agastya came to his shop previous day. Pakhi says to show the photos to clear the confusion. The man says that these are her photos which surprises Pakhi. Agastya thinks that Pakhi can doubt him again after seeing the photos. So he prevents Pakhi from seeing the photos. He asks the manager to take him out.

The manager tries to take him from there. He drops the photos. Pakhi gets shocked on seeing the photos of herself and Ishan. Agastya says to Pakhi that he didn’t clicked these photos, he doesn’t know this man. He asks the man to say the truth. The man says that Agastya asked him to click these photos. Agastya tries to explain that he didn’t do this, someone is trying to create misunderstanding between them. Pakhi tears up the photos and angrily walks away.

Agastya tries to explain Pakhi that he is innocent. Pakhi pushes him out and closes the door. She cries sitting down while Agastya is cries sitting outside. The next morning Dadi is shocked finding Agastya sleeping on the floor in front of his room. She wakes up Agastya and asks why he is sleeping here, what happened. She takes him with her.

Pakhi wakes up. She cries and asks how she can be fooled by Agastya again. She says that Agastya must have put that hidden camera. She doubts that there could be some more hidden cameras in the room. She checks everywhere using the camera detector. She trips and falls down. She cries asking why it’s happening with her.

Agastya says to Dadi that Pakhi will think that he is stalking her again. Just then Pakhi comes. Dadi requests Pakhi to believe Agastya. She says that someone is trying to separate them. Pakhi says that she is going to her parent’s house and will return by evening. Agastya requests her to listen to him before leaving. But Pakhi refuses and leaves. Agastya gets determined to find the person who is trying to separate them. Ishan’s man sees this and tells Ishan that Pakhi is angry with Ishan for some reason. Ishan thinks that this is the time to meet Agastya.

Prema says to Pakhi that she can’t believe Agastya didn’t change and asks why he would do like this. Shanaya says that this all happening after Ishan’s return. Pakhi says that Ishan and his family suffered because of her and Agastya. He himself wanted to stay away from them, but Agastya convinced him to accept the job in the hospital he worked before. She says that she doesn’t want any more problem to Ishan because of them. Prema says to Pakhi to listen to Agastya’s justification. But Pakhi refuses. Prema says that thankfully Sameer isn’t here. She gets shocked on seeing Sameer. The latter says that he won’t let Agastya ruin her daughter’s happiness again.

Ishan comes Agastya’s office and fights with Agastya accusing him of taking his and Pakhi’s photo. He says that he doesn’t deserve Pakhi and wishes she goes away from him. Agastya says that Pakhi won’t leave him. It turns out to be Agastya’s imagination. Ishan comes to meet Agastya. The latter asks him if Pakhi told him anything. Ishan says that he didn’t talk to her. Ishan says that he heard that he is going to provide prosthetic legs for handicaps without profit. He says that it’s a good initiative. He asks if he can provide prosthetic legs for the cancer patients who lost their hands or legs during the operation.

Agastya says that he doesn’t if he can handle such a big commitment, so he refuses. Ishan thinks that he has to agree for his plan. Ishan says that Agastya is refusing because of what happened in the past. Agastya denies it and he agrees. Ishan thinks that Agastya can’t imagine what is going to happen with him in the next day press conference.

The episode ends.

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