Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd March 2022 Written Update: An intoxicated Pakhi fails to see the truth


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Agastya showing Pakhi sameer, whose hands and legs are tied up. Pakhi looks on silently. Sameer notices Pakhi’s nuptial chain and Vermillion. He says in mind that thankfully Pakhu got to know Agastya’s truth. Agastya has been keeping him captive here since many days. Agastya says that what all he has to do to marry her. He doesn’t want to keep him, but he doesn’t have any option. Pakhi moves to touch Sameer. She shouts that the butterflie flew away. She asks to Agastya if he brought her to show butterflies. She laughs and sits down near Sameer. A FB shows of Pskhi also drinking the spiked bhang. Pakhi gets sad and says that she’s feeling strange and after coming here she is missing her dad very much. She used to apply color on him first in every holi. Sameer moves to get Pakhi’s attention, but in vain.

Agastya says to Pakhi that Sameer is in front of her. Pakhi doesn’t hear it and says that they would have lpt of fun in this holi if Sameer was with them. Agastya says to open her eyes and sees Sameer is here. Pakhi says that she knows that her dad will be always with her. She says to Agastya to leave from them. She pushes easel stand by mistaks. Dadi hears this. She says to Prema and Shanaya to wait and goes to check. She stands outside the room and looks that the secret room light is on. Prema comes to her and asks what happened. Prema feels strange, but shw ignores it. Dadi says that she asked to clean this room, but it wasn’t done. She takes Prema from there. All this time Pakhi and Agastya are hiding there. They come out after Dadi and Prema left. Pakhi drags Agastya from there. Agastya drops the key there by mistake.

Agastya and Pakhi apply colors on Mona and laugh. Prema apologizes to Dadi for Pakhi’s behavior and says that she never did like this. Dadi says that she’s intoxicated, maybe someone gave her bhang. Prema wonders who can do like this. Later Agastya gains his sense and says that someone must have spiked his bhang. He sees Pakhi sleeping next to him. He caresses her cheek. Pakhi also gains her consciousness. She feels headache. She says that she doesn’t remember anything apart the butterflies dream. Agastya says that she remembers her dream, but she doesn’t remember what happened between them previous day. He says that he tried to stop and said that they can wait, but she insisted. Pakhi says that she can’t do like this. She sees Agastya smiling and realizes that Agastya is teasing her. She beats him with the pillow. Agastya apologizes and says that he was joking. Pakhi asks who changed her dress. Agastya says not him. Agastya says that he can never deceive her.

Agastya and Pakhi come getting ready. Mona scolds them and says that they should be ashamed of their behavior during holi celebration. Naveli says that they were intoxicated. Pakhi is shocked hearing this. Agastya says that Naveli is right and wonders who could have do like this. Naveli says that they have gone missing in between the celebration and asks where they have gone. Pakhi says that she doesn’t remember anything. She apologizes to Mona.

Pakhi is in the office and tries to remember what she saw previous day. She says to Agastya that she saw her dad shocking Agastya. She says that she saw him in her dream. Agastya feels relived. Pakhi says that her dad was sad and was held captive in her dream. Agastya thinks whether he took Pakhi to the secret room in intoxicated condition. He thinks that he has done big mistake and he wonders whether he has locked that room he decides to go and check. Pakhi receives a call and gets elated that she got a big party order. She shares her happiness with Agastya and wants Agastya to come for lunch with her to celebrate it. Agastya tries to give an excuse to home, but Pakhi insists. In the restaurant Agastya is worried that anyone could see Sameer if he left the room door open.

The episode ends.

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