Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th July 2022 Written Update: Tara tries to escape


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Agastya and Naveli checking CCTV footage. They spot Pakhi and Tara going in a car and Ishan following them in a bike. Agastya receives a call. Agastya says to Naveli that Ishan phone got traced, he got the location of his last activity. Agastya is sure that Pakhi and Tara must be kept in that there. Agastya goes there asking Naveli to reach there with police. Other Tara refuses to have the biscuits that Ishan bought and wants to go to her dad. Pakhi regrets misunderstanding Agastya. Tara asks Pakhi if she’s scared that dad will scold her. She assures that she will told him to not scold her and he won’t. Tara hugs Pakhi.

Agastya reaches Ishan’s last location. He doesn’t find Pakhi and Tara there. He realizes that Ishan deliberately switched off his phone here to mislead him and police. Agastya says that Ishan didn’t reach the highway in the CCTV footage so he might have kept Pakhi and Tara somewhere near to this place. He decides to check the surroundings. There Ishan brings the necessary things for wedding and says to Pakhi that they’re going to marry the next day Pakhi says him to not dream as Agastya must be on the way to save them. Ishan threatens Pakhi to kill Tara if she doesn’t marry him.

Pakhi finds the air vent opening and asks Tara to go out and get Agastya to save her. Tara is scared to go alone. Pakhi encourages her and gives her the extra asthma pump that she always keep in her back for safety. Ishan comes and tries to open the door. Pakhi tries to stop him from entering holding the closed door. Pakhi asks Tara to go. Tara gets into the air vent. Ishan manages to enter in. He sees that Tara is trying to escape through the air vent. He tries to leave to stop Tara, but Pakhi prevents him. She fights with him and shouts at him for creating misunderstanding between them. Ishan pushes Pakhi. The latter gets hurt in her head and faints. Ishan gets determined to find Tara, who is Pakhi’s weakness.

Tara is moving into the air vent. She’s scared so she closes her eyes. Other hand Agastya is looking for Tara and says instructs the inspector the same over the phone. Here Tara feels difficulty to breathe. She uses her asthma pump. Pakhi is tied up the chair. She gains her consciousness and says Tara. Ishan is looking for Tara.

Meanwhile Dadi prays to God for Tara and Pakhi safety. She gets worried when the diya gets blew up. She prays to God to protect Tara and Pakhi. Here Pakhi prays to universe to protect Tara. She sees some broken glass piece. She falls down with the chair while trying to get it. Agastya is showing the car in which Pakhi and Tara traveled to the people and asking them if he saw this car. Tara reaches end of the air vent and finds it closed. She motivates herself to escape for Pakhi and Agastya’s sake. She tries to open it.

The episode ends.

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