Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th July 2022 Written Update: Agastya finds Tara


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tara managing to get out of the air vent. She thanks God and goes to contact Agastya. Ishan gets angry on realizing that Tara escaped. He goes to find her in his bike. Other hand Agastya is looking for Pakhi and Tara in car. Naveli asks Agastya over phone to return home to rest as he has been searching for them whole night. Agastya refuses. Elsewhere Tara is wondering how get phone to call Agastya. She gets shocked a man in helmet approaching her in his bike. She falls down. The man removes his helmet and turns to be a stranger. Tara gets phone from him and calls Agastya.

At the hospital Meera thanks doctor for helping her and asks how long it will take. Doctor says that her work will be done in five days. Meera says that she waited for six years to take revenge on Agastya, so she can wait for five more days. There Agastya receives call from unknown number. Here Tara says that Agastya number is busy. The stranger asks Tara if he can drop her off at her house or the police station that she’s in the nearby. Tara refuses as she doesn’t want to go with a stranger. She decides to go to the police station by herself.

At Pakhi’s house Sameer and Shanaya are in disbelief after learning about Ishan’s truth. They realize that Agastya is innocent and Ishan created misunderstanding between Agastya and Pakhi six years before. Here Tara is looking for the police station. Ishan spots Tara. He moves close to her to kidnap her but stops seeing Agastya there. Tara spots Agastya and calls out papa. Agastya smiles looking at her. A FB shows. A mam calls Agastya and tells him a child trying to contact him. Agastya says that it’s her daughter and asks for the location. FB ends.

Agastya runs to Tara and hugs her. He asks Tara to call him again papa. Tara calls him papa. Ishan is watching this hiding. Agastya asks where Pakhi is. Tara says that they have to go to mom and safe her. Ishan hears this. Ishan says that he can’t let Agastya reach Pakhi and decides to shift her somewhere else. He leaves from there. Tara gives Agastya details of the building and surrounding of the place where she was kept. She asks if they’re going to save mom. Agastya says that he will go alone as it’s dangerous. He calls Naveli to take Tara home.

There Ishan reaches to Pakhi. He gets worried finding Pakhi unconscious. He says that Tara reached Agastya, but he won’t let Pakhi to go to Agastya. Pakhi is pretending to be unconscious. She hears Ishan and thanks universe for making Tara reach Agastya. She thinks of escaping tricking Ishan. She picks up some nails secretly. Here Agastya convinces Tara to go with Naveli while he will save Pakhi. Tara asks Agastya to promise to stay as family together after saving Pakhi. Agastya promises her. There Ishan plan to leave taking an unconscious Pakhi.

Dadi tells Sameer about Ishan being responsible for Pakhi and Agastya’s separation. Sameer asks about Pakhi. Dadi says that Agastya went with police team to find Pakhi and he asked her to call him here so that Tara will comfortable reaching here. Sameer regrets misunderstanding Agastya and trusting Ishan. Just then Tara comes there. Sameer asks how she is. Tara says that she’s fine. Tara goes to the temple and prays to God to return her mom. There Isha puts Pakhi inside the car. Pakhi drops the nails. Ishan’s car tyre gers punctured. Ishan gets busy in changing it. Pakhi hits Ishan on his head from behind and runs away. Ishan goes after her. Agastya reaches along with police team there He finds Ishan’s car and blood spots on it. He wonders whether Pakhi is fine.

The episode ends.

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