Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th July 2022 Written Update: Pakhi shoots Ishan


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pakhi hiddin in a garage to escape from Ishan who is looking for her. Other hand Agastya concludes that Pakhi must have escaped from Idhan on seeing Ishan’s punctured car and the blood on it. He says to the police that she should be around. Here in the garage Pakhi tries to run away. She stumbles and falls on the ground. Ishan sees her. At Agastya’s house Tara prays to God for Pakhi. She asks Naveli if Agastya called her, if he saved mom. Naveli says that he didn’t call yet. Tara starts having asthma attack worrying all. They can’t find Tara’s pump. Tara says that she wants mom. Mona takes Tara to Agastya’s room and shows Pakhi’s picture. Naveli gets the pump. Tara gets calmed down.

Pakhi warns Ishan to leave her. She says that Agastya must be on the way. Ishan laughs and states that he made her dance in his tune six years before. Pakhi warns Ishan about the consequences of his act. Ishan decides to kill Pakhi. He is about to hit her with a tool. Agastya holds Ishan’s hand. Other hand Tara asks if Agastya lost to Ishan, so he didn’t come with mom yet. Sameer tells a story to divert Tara.

Agastya beats Ishan for keeping Pakhi and his daughter away from him six years. Ishan says that Pakhi can never be his. Ishan hits Agastya. They both fight for Pakhi. Pakhi is hurt in her leg and is unable to get up. Pakhi says to Agastya to stop. Agastya says to Ishan that he would kill her if he was his old self. Agastya punches Ishan and the latter falls on the floor. Agastya informs police that he caught Ishan and shares his location to them.

Agastya comes to Pakhi. They share an emotional hug. Ishan laughs at Agastya. He mocks him and provokes him. Agastya hits Ishan. The latter takes a gun out and shoots Agastya on his chest shocking Pakhi. The latter cries holding Agastya. She says to Agastya to stay alive for Tara’s sake. She tries to call ambulance. Ishan says that he won’t let Agastya survive. He snatches phone from Pakhi. The latter says that police will be on the way. Ishan says that police will find only Agastya’s dead body here as they both are living.

Ishan drags Pakhi from there. Agastya holds Pakhi’s hand. Ishan drags Pakhi using his full force. He tries to force her to sit inside the car. Pakhi takes her hair stick and pricks it on Ishan’s chest. He falls down. Pakhi takes the gun. Pakhi places her foot on Ishan’s chest and aiming gun at him. Ishan says that she can’t shoot.

Pakhi says that a wife can do anything to save her husband. She says that she only loves her best friend Agastya in her life. Ishan pushes Pakhi and gets up. He asks Pakhi to come with him as Agastya is dead. Pakhi refuses. Ishan asks Pakhi to return then gun. He takes a tool to hit her. Pakhi shoots Ishan.

The episode ends.

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