Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th August 2022 Written Update: Meera enters Agastya house in a disguise


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tara asking Pakhi when her tuition teacher will come. Just then Agastya returns home and says that he hired a good tuition teacher for Tara. He calls her in. Meera comes in in a disguise. He introduces her Mrs Saradha Ragarajan.

He says that she’s the best teacher of this area. Pakhi takes Agastya apart and says that they should appoint her after interviewing 3-4 teachers. Agastya assures that she’s the best teacher suggested by his friends. Pakhi says that they will keep her if Tara goes along with her.

Tara asks few questions Meera. The latter answers her correctly. Meera thinks in mind that she has returned for revenge. In the night Pakhi is sleeping. Someone closes her mouth. Pskhi wakes up and looks on horrified.

Pakhi is dargged out of the room. Pakhi is surprised to see all the decorations and a cake written happy anniversary. Agastya hugs Pakhi from behind wishing her happy anniversary. She wishes him back. Agastya hands her a box and asks to come changing her clothes.

Pakhi comes back wearing the red color saree that Agastya gifted her. Pakhi says that she wanted to wish him first, but Agastya did. She asks how he got such carzy ideas. Agastya says that he has been waiting for this moment from six years. Pakhi apologizes to Agastya. The latter says her to not apologize to him again.

Agastya says that he baked the cake. He lights the candle. Agastya and Pakhi cut the cake together and feed a piece of cake to each other. They dance and get romantic. Their moment gets interrupted when Tara arrives there. She sees the cake and complains that they ate without her. She asks whose anniversary that day. Pakhi says that their anniversary. She feeds cake to Tara.

Dadi wishes Agastya and Pakhi happy anniversary and blesses them. Naveli also wishes Agastya and Pakhi on their anniversary. Tara gifts them a handmade card. Meera arrives and wishes Agastya and Pakhi happy anniversary. Agastya leaves saying that he has an important online meeting in hid room. Meera says to Tara that they can start their tuition from that day. Tara goes to get her books. Dadi takes Pakhi with her for a discussion.

Tara gets her books. Meera says that Tara didn’t say good morning. Tara says good morning. Meera asks Tara what’s her favorite festival. Tara says Holi. Meera asks why she doesn’t like Diwali. Tara says that she’s scared of fireworks.

Meera says to not scare as she will play Diwali with her this time. Meera recalls trying to kill Agastya using firecrackers. Meera says that she likes Diwali festival. She asks Tara to revise a poem and leaves on the pretext to go to the washroom.

Meera comes to Agastya. The latter gets surprised on seeing Meera and asks what she’s doing here. Meera asks why he didn’t implant cameras in the whole house. Agastya says that it’s not easy and asks her to not pressurize him else he doesn’t want this work.

Meera says that he doesn’t have option to say no. She says him to go to office and gets the property documents and change them on her name. She asks to deposit money on her account. They get tensed when Pakhi comes there and calls out Agastya.

The episode ends.

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