Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th August 2022 Written Update: Meera’s reveals her evil intentions to Agastya


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pakhi finding Saradha Meera talking with Agastya and asking her what she’s doing here. Meera hands her ring to Agastya. She says that Agastya bought a ring for Pakhi the previous day when he brought her here. She was asking him if he gave her that ring. Agastya says that she spoiled the surprise. Agastya gets on his knee. He slides the ring in Pakhi’s finger and expresses his love for her. Meera clicks picture of them in phone. She leaves.

Pakhi asks why Tara’s teacher is interfering in their personal life. Agastya says that a teacher became more important than his ring, she didn’t say how it is. Pakhi says that it’s nice, she liked it. She asks why he didn’t gift her last night when he surprised her. He says that he gifted it that day to make it special. Pakhi says that he is cute, but that teacher is irritating. Agastya hugs her.

Meera asks Tara if she planned anything for her parents anniversary. Tara says that she says that she didn’t. Meera says that she will help her to plan something. She whispers a plan in her ear. Tara watches Pakhi and Agastya videos along with Agastya, Pakhi and family members. Tara thanks for showing the wedding video and praises Pakhi’s beauty.

Tara says that they will do again Pakhi and Agastya’s marriage as she wasn’t present during their wedding. She requests Pakhi. The latter hesitates. Dadi asks Pakhi to agree since they will get an opportunity to celebrate happiness. Mona gets excited to do wedding shopping. Pakhi agrees. Tara gets overjoyed.

Prema and Shanaya arrive at Agastya’s house and meets Pakhi. Prema says that Sameer is out of the town. They gather to perform puja. Pakhi is unable to light the diya despite two attempts. Agastya lits the diya. Dadi and Pakhi get worried considering it as bad omen. Pakhi and Agastya perform the aarti together. Tara makes the aarti plate fall accidentally and apologizes to Pakhi. The latter says that it’s fine. Elsewhere someone is shown lying unconscious.

Pakhi is worried about the bad omen happening in the beginning of the marriage rituals. She asks if Dadi also feels something is wrong. Dadi doesn’t want to worry Pakhi so, she decides to hide priest’s words from Pakhi. She reassures Pakhi and asks her to sleep so that she can look beautiful in her wedding the next day.

The morning Pakhi’s mehndi ceremony is going on. Pakhi and Agastya happily dance. Prema says that she brought bangles from their ancestors temple. She makes Pakhi wear those bangles. The bangle breaks and erase Agastya’s name on her mehndi. Pakhi gets worried that from the previous day everything is going wrong. Elsewhere someone gets hurt in his hand. That person’s face is revealed and he is Agastya. His hands are attached with chains.

Meera says that Pakhi will marry someone else the next day and laughs. Agastya shouts no. He says that he will never let that happen. He says that he won’t let her succeed in her evil intention. A FB shows. Meera hits Agastya with rod. She shows the duplicate Agastya says that she did his plastic surgery to get his property. Agastya faints. FB ends. There duplicate Agastya asks Pakhi if she’s fine if they need to go to the hospital. Pakhi says that she’s fine. Here Meera says that the duplicate Agastya doing her work perfectly. He got mingled with his family and no one knows that he is a duplicate. She says that soon he will transfer all the properties to her than she will give him Pakhi.

The episode ends.

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