Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th July 2022 Written Update: Agastya and Tara meet up with each other in the competition


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tara saying to Pakhi that she’s principal man’s favorite so she gave them this flat. Pakhi agrees. She says that Tara is very special. Later Tara gets ready to leave for the competition. Pakhi says to Tara to be always with her teacher. Tara gives Pakhi money that she saved. She asks Pakhi to buy a dress for herself with this money. She says to buy a yellow color dress as it’s her favorite color.

Pakhi puts inhaler in Tara’s bag and says to use it the way she taught when she has difficulty to hreath. She also gives a phone and says to use it only in emergency and to not play game. Tara says that they can’t play gane in this mobile, they only can do things. She says that they can take selfie.

They click a selfie. Tara says that it’s hard to say who is beautiful among them. Pakhi says Tara. Pakhi wishes Tara luck. Tara leaves. Pakhi thinks that she wishes to accompany Tara, but she can’t take risk.

Tara reaches the competition venue along with other children and teacher. Tara video calls Pakhi and shows her the event arrangements. Agastya and Naveli arrive there and they’re behind Tara. Pakhi tries to take chocolate from her handbag. The bag falls down and she bends down to pick it up. Both Agastya and Pakhi miss to see each other.

Agastya welcomes the children and says the children to prepare well for the next day presentation and says that only the best presentation will be the winner. He called them today to know all of them better. He adds that his company will give scholarship to the three children who have given best presentation. Payal gets irritated that Agastya is ignoring her. She walks away.

She slips without noticing the caution board that the floor is wet. She gets angry. She says who will notice such a small caution board. She throws it away. She calls the staff and creates a scene. She scolds him for not keeping a board to caution that the floor is wet. The staff says that he placed the board. Agastya supports the staff which rages Payal. Just then Tara brings the board and says that Payal kicked the board. Payal says that the child is lying.

Tara says that she’s not lying and the nose of those who lie gets bigger and they get hiccup. Agastya notices that Payal’s heel has yellow color and concludes that she must have got it while kicking the board. Tara notifies the same. Agastya is surprised that the kid is thinking like him. Tara says to Payal to apologize to the staff. Agastya also asks Payal to apologize to the staff.

Payal angrily walks away without apologizing. Tara sees that the staff is sad. She offers him chocolate and says to eat it and be happy. Agastya remembers Pakhi giving him chocolate and ssaying the same when he was sad.

Pakhi comes to see her parents by covering her face with her saree’s pallu. She hides when Sameer comes back home. Sameer coughs badly. Ishan comes downstairs and asks Sameer if he is fine. Prema comes to Sameer and gets worried. She asks Sameer why he went out alone to get medicine, he could have asked Ishan to get it.

Shanaya gets water for Sameer. Pakhi gets emotional on seeing her parents. Prema says that it has been six years yet Sameer didn’t recover from his heart problem. Sameer says that his heart broke when Pakhi left and it will get well when she will return. Ishan says that they will Pakhi one day and assures that he is here to look after them. Pakhi thinks that she never thought Ishan would take care of her family. Ishan takes Sameer to his room. He sees Pakhi’s photo on the way and vows to make her his and remove whoever will come in between them.

Agastya meets Tara and introduces himself. Tara says that to help what’s right and says that her mother taught her this. Agastya asks about her dad. Tara says that he is with God. God is alone so he called her dad to him. Agastya apologize to her and says that his company makes robots. Tara gets excited and says that she loves robots.

Agastya shows the robots photos on his phone. Tara says that he is genius, so she will call him Einstein. She says that she will tell her mom that she saw robots of Einstein uncle. She asks if he wants to see her mom’s photo. Agastya says yes. Tara takes out her phone to show Pakhi’s photo.

The episode ends.

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