Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th June 2022 Written Update: Pakhi and Agastya get successful in their next plan


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pakhi getting worried on seeing Agastya’s hand injured and cares for him. Agastya assures Pakhi that he will soon find her parents. Meera tries to sleep.She wakes getting scared when the lights start flickering. She is shocked on seeing Agastya acting like a kid. The latter says Meera to come with him. Meera shouts Yug. She locks the room and runs from there. She comes to the hall shouting that Agastya has come back, he is in her room. All gathers there. Meera says that she locked him in her room as he told her. Yug says that if it was a ghost, it can’t be locked up. He says that he knows one among them is doing this and says that he won’t sapre that person.

All come to Agastya’s room. Yug checks if anyone is hiding in the room. Meera asks Yug if he accepts now that Agastya’s ghost is haunting this house. She says that Agastya won’t leave her and Yug is making him angrier not believing his ghost. Pakhi and Mona smile looking at each other. A FB shows. Mona comes to the basement to get the groom. She gets scared on seeing Agastya there and begs him not to kill her.

Pakhi comes there and says that she did wrong by revealing her plan to Meera, so she has to help them in their plan. Mona panics. Pakhi calms her down and tells Mona that Agastya is alive. Agastya requests Mona to help them at least for Naveli’s sake. He says Mona to inform them if Meera and Yug make any plans.

Mona gets happy that Agastya is alive and hugs her. Mona says that Yug got doubt and tells their plan. Pakhi says that they should cancel their plan then. Agastya says that they use hologram technique. FB ends. Mona says to Meera that she should soon do puja for the peace of Agastya’s soul.

Agastya asks Mohit if he got to know about where Meera and Yug kept Pakhi’s parents. Mohit says that he is constantly tracking Meera and Yug with the device he gave him, but he can’t find anything. He just heard Yug saying to keep them alive. Agastya says Mohit to keep tracking them. He says that he can’t forgive himself if anything happens to them. He wonders where Meera can hide them.

Meera asks Yug to call the priest and ask about the puja for Agastya. Yug refuses. They argue. Pakhi says that she will call the priest and ask. The next day Meera perform the puja. The priest gave Meera a cocunt in the puja plate and ask Meera to place the coconut in Agastya’s room. The cocunt blasts shocking Meera and Yug. A FB shows Pakhi asking the priest to give the cocunt to Meera. The priest says that Agastya ghost seems powerful and he won’t calm down until Meera dies.

Meera gets scared and decides to leave the house. She goes out. Yug tries to stop her. Pakhi remembers seeking the priest to do one more help. Pakhi signs the priest. Meera requests the priest to say any remedy. The priest sats to Meera to meet a woman who practices tauntric. Meera requests the priest to bring her immediately.

Agastya trains Dai maa to act as tantric woman. Dai maa keeps forgetting her lines. Agastya says to Dai maa to make Meera confess her crimes and tell her about the whereabouts of Pakhi’s parents. Dai maa asks who is Pakhi. Other hand priest says that she will bring the tantric woman night. Yug opposes, but Meera shuts him up. The priest says that Meera can’t go inside the house for the next three hours. Meera says to Yug that they can stay in the office till that. The priest offers to stay with Meera for that three hours. Meera agrees.

Pakhi receives the priest message. She tells family that Meera won’t come for three hours. She tells Mona, Naveli and Shanaya the same. They four make arrangements for the next plan. Mona reminds Pakhi that she has to go to Agastya. Pakhi says that they will get to know her parents whereabouts if the plan works. She says that thet all together have to end Meera’s chapter.

The episode ends.

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