Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th July 2022 Written Update: Agastya rushes Tara to his hospital


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with teacher calling the children and Agastya saying to Tara to join her teacher. Agastya says that Tara is cute. Tara says that Agastya is also cute. Payal sees this. She thinks of teaching a lesson to Tara for insulting her. Other hand Pakhi returns to the flat. She cries remembering Sameer and his words. Pakhi looks at Tara’s photo on her mobile and wishes that she could make her meet to her grandparents.

Back to the competition venue Tara receives Pakhi’s call. The latter asks Tara if she is fine. Tara teases Pakhi. Pakhi says her to be always with her teacher. Tara agrees. Pakhi and Tara says I love you before hanging the call. Payal drops a candle over Tara’s bag when no one notices her and the bag catches fire. Tara shouts mama. She starts struggling to breath. Agastya and teacher rush to Tara Teacher says that she is having asthma attack. Agastya asks where is her pump. Her teacher says that it was in her bag. Agastya says that the bag burned. He says that he is taking her to the Trinity hospital and asks the teacher to inform her mom.

Teacher calls Pakhi and informs that Tara got asthma attack and she has been rushed to Trinity hospital. Pakhi gets shocked. At the hospital doctor treats Tara. Agastya wonders how the incident happened. Agastya asks Tara if she’s fine, if she’s not having any pain. Tara says that nothing can happen to her as she’s universe favorite child. Agastya remembers Pakhi saying the same line. Tara asks Agastya to smile. He smiles and they both laugh. Agastya asks if she knows how the fire ignited. Tara looks at Payal. The latter gets scared that Agastya will dislike her if she tells him the truth. Tara says that she doesn’t know Payal walks away. Naveli says that thankfully nothing happened to Tara. She says that she’s cute. Tara says that Naveli is also cute, but not more than her. Naveli and Agastya laugh. Agastya asks if her mom was informed. Naveli says that teacher did it. Agastya leaves as doctor calls him to discuss. Naveli leaves to get juice for Tara. The latter realizes that Pakhi will be worried for her and says to God to send her mom the message that she’s fine.

Pakhi reaches the hospital. She thinks that she has returning here after six years and recalls what all happened in the hospital six years before. She wonders if they have brought Tara to this hospital in the whole Delhi. She covers her face with her saree pallu and goes in. Agastya walks by that side. He senses Pakhi’s presence and wonders why he’s getting this feeling. He looks for her. Pakhi asks in the reception where her daughter Tara who got asthma attack admitted. The nurse gives her the direction. Pakhi leaves. Agastya fails to see Pakhi and leaves as doctor calls him.

Pakhi comes to Tara and cries seeing her. She asks if she’s fine. Tara says that she is fine and asks Pakhi to not worry. Pakhi scolds Tara and says that it’s all happened because of her coming to Delhi. Tara says that her health could have worsen anywhere. Pakhi asks the nurse to discharge Pakhi immediately as she doesn’t want to let Tara be in Agastya’s hospital anymore. Tara says that she hasn’t waved bye to Einstein uncle. The nurse says to talk to the doctor. But Pakhi leaves taking Tara. Agastya comes to Tara’s ward and asks about Tara. Nurse says that her mother took her despite her asking her to wait to talk to doctor.

Pakhi reaches the flat with Tara. She packs their bag to leave Delhi. Tara asks what about the competition. Pakhi says to Tara to listen to her. Tara agrees and says Pakhi to not get sad else she will also get sad. Pakhi goes to get a taxi leaving Tara in the flat. Agastya calls Pakhi. Tara receives and gets happy knowing it’s Einstein uncle. She asks how he got her mother’s number. Agastya says that he got it from her teacher and wants to know why she took her from the hospital like this. Tara says that Pakhi got worried after her getting asthma attack. She says that they’re leaving so can’t participate in the competition and apologizes to him for the same. Agastya asks to give him her address so that he can convince her mom. Tara says that she doesn’t know the answer. Agastya asks her to find address in any letter slip. He asks to check the drawer. Tara finds the address and gives to Agastya. She hangs the call when Pakhi returns.

Pakhi says to Tara that the taxi has come, let leave. Pakhi makes Tara sit in the taxi. Pakhi’s bag drops and Tara’s ball falls. Tara asks Pakhi to get it. Pakhi says that she will get it. Tara prays to God to send Einstein uncle to convince her mom. Agastya reaches there. Pakhi gets stunned on seeing Agastya and wonders if he got to know that she’s here. Agastya feels Pakhi’s presence and wonders why he is getting again the same feeling. Pakhi turns around and begins to walk whereas Agastya is looking for the address Tara gave. Pakhi signs Tara to turn other side and hides behind the car.

The episode ends.

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