Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th March 2022 Written Update: Agastya gets furious


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pakhi waking up from the sleep hearing the sound of someone knocking at the door. Pakhi goes to check by herself since she only hears that sound and not Agastya. Pakhi opens the basement door and thinks that something is there. She goes to check it. Pakhi comes near a door and is about to touch it, lights get on. Pakhi turns around getting scared. Agastya asks what she is doing here. Pakhi says that the knocking sound is coming from that room. Agastya says that he will check and opens it. They don’t see anyone. They see a rat and they both get sacred and run from there.

Agastya and Pakhi laugh and tease each other. Agastya says that Pakhi laughed after longtime. Agastya gets up to sleep on the sofa, but Pakhi stops him. Pakhi says that Agastya can sleep on the one corner of the bed as she can’t see him in pain. She evokes hoe she used to sleep on his shoulder when they used to travel. He is still her good friend, so she won’t feel uncomfortable. Agastya agrees. They lay on the bed. Pakhi says that she got scared every night because of a rat and imagined a thriller movie in her mind. Pakhi sleeps wishing Agastya good night. Agastya receives a message and looks on.

The morning Pakhi wakes and sees that Agastya brought breakfast for her. Agastya says that he ordered different dishes for her as he doesn’t know what she will have. Pakhi looks on. Agastya says that it seems that she doesn’t like any dishes. He brings fruits for Pakhi. Just then Pakhi receives a message and looks shocked. Agastya asks if she is fine and takes the phone from Pakhi’s phone and reads that police is waiting for Ishan to come out of coma and they will dig out the truth of kidney trafficking. Agastya thinks in mind that Pakhi is his now and she can’t get worried for Ishan anymore. Agastya is furious and holds Pakhi hand so thightly. Pakhi feels pain and asks him to leave her hand. Dadi arrives there and Agastya leaves her hand.

Agastya says to Dadi that he tries hard to make Pakhi happy, but she gets sad getting an information related to Ishan. Dadi says to Agastya that he should have held her tightly. She further says that Pakhi is trying her best to accept the change,but it’s not easy for her, so he should give her time. Agastya agrees and says that Pakhi has to forget Ishan sooner or later. At the police station Virat is enquiring the nurse. He asks what Agastya planned to do with Ishan.

Dadi says Pakhi to come with her for shopping. Pakhi says that she can’t come as she decided to start to work from today. She says that she has to handle everything alone as Taniya is not here. Dadi asks where she will work. Pakhi says that she took a place for rent. Agastya arrives there and says that it’s not safe for Pakhi to go out alone, so she will work from his office. He will make space for her in his cabin. Pakhi refuses. Dadi says that it’s a wonderful idea and convinces Pakhi to accept it. She says that Pakhi can pay rent once she gets work. She says that Agastya is not only a best friend, but also a best husband in the world.

Agastya shows Pakhi her working space in his cabin. Pakhi is surprised that it looks like her house. Pakhi says that she feels awkward to work with him in his cabin. Agastya agrees to make a separate cabin for her in his office, but asks her to adjust till that. Pakhi says that she has to work without Taniya now and wonders where she has gone. Agastya assures Pakhi to find her. Agastya asks Pakhi to accompany him to get gifts for Naveli on her birthday and also to apologize to her her. Pakhi suggests throwing a surprise party for Naveli on her birthday and invites her friends without telling her. Agastya says that it’s great idea. Agastya says that he was missing this enthusiastic Pakhi and asks her to be like this always.

Pakhi is looking after the party arrangements. Dadi says to Pakhi to be always happy like this and appreciates the decorations. Pakhi goes to the storeroom to get the mirchi lights. Pakhi has come to the place where she came last night and wonders where the storeroom is. She hears again knocking sound and tries to find from the sound is coming. As lights go off, she uses her mobile torch. Pakhi drops her phone and tries to find it. Pakhi gets scared on finding Agastya there. Agastya laughs and asks what she’s doing here. Pakhi says that she has come to get lights for decorations. Agastya says that the servants will get it. He takes Pakhi from there. Agastya thinks in mind that he will never let Pakhi to reach the secret behind this door.

The episode ends.

Precap: Virat comes to arrest Agastya for trying to kill Ishan.

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