Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story: Agastya to make Pakhi ready for her Haldi ceremony


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Colors daily soap Fanaa is gearing up for more drama with Agastya spiking Ishan’s drink in his bachelor party.

Previously it was seen that Agastya arranged bachelor party for Ishan and Pakhi separately. But Pakhi’s hen party got spoiled as Taniya printed wrong date in cards upon Yug’s instructions. So Pakhi decided to join Ishan’s bachelor party. Agastya spiked Ishan drink. Ishan gets provoked and he ended up fighting with Agastya accusing him of trying to get Pakhi. Ishan even hit Pakhi’s dad shocking Pakhi and everyone. Pakhi’s father decided to call off the wedding. Ishan apologized to Pakhi’s father for his behavior and explained he wasn’t in his sense.

Pakhi supported Ishan and said that someone must have spiked Ishan’s drink. Agastya confirms it saying that he enquired about it and found out one that Ishan’s one friend mixed some drugs in his drink for fun. Pakhi’s father forgave Ishan. Pakhi and Ishan thanked Agastya for finding out the truth. Later Agastya told Dadi that Ishan only a few days guest in Pakhi’s life.

Pakhi’s may marry Ishan, but all her post wedding ceremony will happen on his name. He said Dadi to choose a ring for her daughter-in-law which scared Dadi.

In the upcoming week it will be shown that Agastya will get Pakhi get ready. Dadi asks why he is doing all this. Agastya will say that he is doing all this for Pakhi, she will Raichan’s daughter in law. Pakhi and will everyone will get shocked when red color will be applied on Pakhi instead of haldi.

What will happen next? Will Ishan and Pachi wedding will happen? What Agastya will do next?

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