Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story: Agastya to refuse to marry Payal!


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Colors popular show Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan is gearing up for more drama with Pakhi meeting her family.

Previously it was seen that Pakhi panicked knowing Tara is with Agastya in his house. She wondered whether Agastya got to know Tara’s truth. She decided to go to to Agastya’s house to know the answer. She got hit by a biker and fainted while trying to stop an auto.

Sameer got shocked on spotted unconscious Pakhi. He rushed her to the hospital. Meanwhile Agastya dropped off Tara at the hotel. He stayed back with when Tara didn’t find her mom in the room and panicked. Agastya reassured Tara. He fed her food and put her to sleep.

Other hand Pakhi gained her consciousness and got emotional on seeing Sameer. She apologized to him and told about Tara and she was being at Agastya’s house. She was scared that Agastya would snatch Tara from her. In the hotel a lady met Agastya pretending to be Tara’s mother. Agastya left.

Pakhi and Sameer watched this hiding. Agastya stopped for a moment feeling Pakhi’s presence before leaving the hotel.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Pakhi will show sleeping Tara to Sameer. He will get emotional meeting his grandchild. He will request Pakhi to return home and will tell that she told Prema and Shanaya about Pakhi.

Later Pakhi will introduce Sameer, Prema and Shanaya to Tara. Just then Ishan will return. A FB will show that Ishan already know about Pakhi being here. Pakhi will thank Ishan to look after her family in her absence and will introduce him Tara as her daughter.

Ishan will understand that Tara is Agastya and Pakhi’s daughter. Tara will hide behind Pakhi refusing to meet Ishan. Meanwhile Agastya will miss Tara. He will decide to talk to Tara’s mother about shifting Tara’s school in Delhi. Payal’s dad will bring her marriage proposal for Agastya. But Agastya will reject it.

Pakhi will decide to go back to Shimla with Tara. Ishan will ask Pakhi her address in Shimla. Pakhi will refuse to give. Ishan will vow to not let Pakhi go away from him again.

What will Ishan’s plan to stop Pakhi? Will Agastya learn Tara’s truth?

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