Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story: Agastya to suspect Ishan for Pakhi and Tara’s missing


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Colors’ popular show Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan is gearing up for more drama with Ishan showing his true colors to Pakhi.
Previously it was seen that Meera faked a heart attack and escaped from jail. Agastya failed Ishan’s plan of changing Tara’s DNA report and exposed him. He got the original report and confirmed that Tara was his daughter.

He misunderstood that Pakhi was also involved in Ishan’s plan. So he challenged Pakhi to get Tara’s custody legally. Pakhi scolded Ishan for trying to change Tara’s DNA report. She asked him to not interfere in her family matter hereafter. Agastya waited in the court for Pakhi and Tara. But Ishan kidnapped Tara and Pakhi.

Unaware of this Agastya misunderstood that Pakhi ran away taking Tara along with her. He doubted that Ishan must know about their whereabouts and reached his place with police. But Ishan wasn’t there. Other Pakhi and Tara gained conscious and got to know that Ishan kidnapped them.

Ishan claimed to have done it to avoid Agastya taking Tara from Pakhi. Pakhi pretended to agree with him. She tricked Ishan and escape with Tara. They both reached police station and got shocked finding Ishan there.

Agastya was aso in the police station. He got shocked learning about Meera escaping from jail.

In the upcoming week it will be shown that Ishan will abduct Pakhi and Tara again in the outside of the police station. Tara will drop her asthma pump to leave a clue for Agastya. The latter notice Tara’s clue and will understand that Pakhi and Tara got kidnapped. He will suspect Ishan for their kidnapping.

Elsewhere Pakhi will realize Ishan tried to provoke her against Agastya all these time in order to separate them. To make Ishan confesses the same, Pakhi will provoke ishan comparing him to Agastya. Ishan will fall in the trap and will reveal all his plots against Agastya.

Ishan will consider Tara as an obstacle to get Pakhi and will decide to kill her. Meanwhile Agstya will try to find Pakhi and Tara’s whereabouts.

What will happen next?

Will Agastya be able to save Pakhi and Tara in time?
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