Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story: Ishan to harm Tara and put the blame on Agastya


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Colors’ popular show Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan is gearing up for drama with Tara seeing Pakhi’s photos in Agastya’s room and questioning Pakhi.

Previously it was seen that Tara hid herself in the temple. Pakhi and Ishan came to Agastya’s house with police. They accused Agastya of kidnapping Tara shocking all. Pakhi demanded the inspector to search in the secret room in Agastya’s room.

She got shocked seeing lot of her pictures in Agastya’s room. She said that Agastya was still obsessed with her and he didn’t change at all. Ishan talked over phone with Meera about removing Tara from his way after getting Pakhi.

Tara got shocked on hearing this. Ishan demanded the inspector to arrest Agastya when they didn’t find Tara in Agastya’s house.

Tara stopped police from arresting Agastya and said that she came herself here because of Ishan. She refused to return to her house with Ishan and Pakhi. Tara got shocked seeing the photos of Pakhi in Agastya’s room.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Tara will ask why Agastya having her mom’s photo on Agastya’s room. She will demand Pakhi to answer. Agastya will tell Tara that Pakhi is his old friend, she broke her friendship with him since he hurt her.

Tara will ask Agastya to apologize to Pakhi and reconcile. Pakhi will say that sorry can’t fix everything. She will leave taking Tara with her. Sameer will tell Pakhi that Agastya is manipulating Tara and can turn her against Pakhi.

The latter will visit Agastya and will request him to stay away from her daughter for her wellbeing. So Agastya will visit Tara and Pakhi. He will upset Tara by refusing to be friend with Pakhi. Ishan will meet Meera in the jail to share about the same.

Meera will advice Ishan to poison Pakhi’s mind against Agastya before her heart melt for him. She will suggest harming Tara and blaming Agastya for that.

Ishan will put up an act of getting attacked and will try to get Tara electrocuted, but unwantedly Tara will foil it with her smartness. Then he will drop marbles and make Tara fall down.

What will happen next?

Will Ishan get successful in his plan?

Will Agastya find out Ishan’s evil intention?

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