Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story: Meera to attempt to kill Agastya


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Colors’ popular show Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan is gearing up for more drama with Meera seeking revenge from Agastya.
Previously it was seen that Pakhi hid inside a garage to escape from Ishan. Other hand Agastya realized that Pakhi escaped tricking Agastya on seeing Ishan’s punctured car and the blood stain on it.

Agastya decided to search for Pakhi in the surroundings. Meanwhile Tara prayed to God for Pakhi. She got an asthma attack and asked to see Pakhi. Mona calmed her down showing Pakhi’s pictures hanged on Agastya’s room wall. Here Pakhi stumbled while treying to escape Ishan.

The latter attacked Pakhi with a tool with the intention to kill her. Agastya stopped Ishan saving Pakhi. Agastya fought with Ishan. The latter shot at Agastya shocking Pakhi.
In the upcoming week it will be shown that the inspector will shoot Ishan when he will try to attack Pakhi. Ishan will die.

Pakhi will rush Agastya to the hospital along with the police. Tara will reach the hospital and Pakhi and Tara will pray to God for Agastya’s recovering. They will get relieved when doctor will say that Agastya is out of the danger.

However Agastya will be still unconscious. Meera will enter the hospital in the disguise of a nurse. She will get determined to take revenge on Agastya for sending her only son away from her to the abroad. She will decide to complete the work that Ishan left incomplete.

Meera will try to kill Aastya when Pakhi and Tara will not be in the room. Pakhi and Tara will return in time and will save Agastya. They will try to catch Meera, but she will manage to escape. Pakhi will suspect Meera to be behind this attack.

Later Agastya will gain his consciousness. Pakhi will apologize to him. Pakhi, Agastya and Tara will reunite.

Will Pakhi and Agastya finally lead a hppily life with their daughter?

What new storm Meera will bring in Agastya and Pakhi’s life?

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