Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan, Upcoming Story: Pakhi to learn the truth about Agastya’s grandmother’s demise?


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Voot’s popular daily soap, Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan, is gearing up for drama with Pakhi doubting that Dadi’s death isn’t natural.
Previously it was seen that Agastya watched crying Pakhi and Agastya’s lookalike performing wedding rituals. He wished that Pakhi would stop the wedding realising he wasn’t Agastya.

Meanwhile Dadi managed to free herself and escaped from the storeroom. She rushed to stop Pakhi and Agastya’s lookalike wedding. Meera stopped Dadi. They both fought. Meera injected a drug on Dadi’s shoulder. Yet Dadi pushed Meera down and reached the wedding mandap. Dadi fainted and died.

Pakhi ran to Dadi leaving the wedding rituals. Family got shocked with Dadi’s sudden death. Pakhi found that Dadi had lied to them about her friend being unwell. She got determined to find the truth behind Dadi’s death.

Meera instructed Agastya’s lookalike to get intimate with Pakhi and make her pregnant. Agastya’s lookalike tried to come closer to Pakhi, but she pushed him away. Later Agastya’s lookalike planned to go for a movie with Pakhi and family in order to convince Pakhi.

In the today episode it’s seen that Pakhi will receive a letter from a mysterious person who will claim of knowing the truth about Dadi’s death. He will ask him to meet her to find it out. Pakhi will pretend to have headache and will ask family to go to the movie.

Meera will get to know this and will stop the mystery man from meeting Pakhi. The mystery man will be revealed to be Yug. The latter will claim of wanting to help Pakhi for money and wil agree to help Meera if she gives him more money. Later Pakhi will find out another letter and will wonder if it’s sent by the same person.

Did Yug pretend to help Meera? Will Pakhi find out Meera killed Dadi?

Will Pakhi find out the truth about Agastya’s doppelganger and will stop Meera?

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