Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story: Tara to learn that Agastya is her father


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Colors’ popular show Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan is gearing up for drama with Agastya confronting Pakhi.

Previously it was seen that Tara asked why Agastya having her mom’s photo on Agastya’s room. She demanded Pakhi to answer. Agastya told Tara that Pakhi was his friend she broke her friendship with him since he had hurt her.

Tara asked Agastya to apologize to Pakhi and reconcile. Pakhi said that sorry couldn’t always fix everything. Later Sameer told Pakhi that Agastya was manipulating Tara and he could turn her against Pakhi in The future. The latter will visited Agastya and requested him to stay away from her daughter for her wellbeing.

Agastya visited Tara and Pakhi. He deliberately upset Tara by refusing to be friend with Pakhi. Ishan met Meera in the jail to share about the same.

Meera advised Ishan to poison Pakhi’s mind against Agastya before her heart would melt for him. She suggested harming Tara and blaming Agastya for that. Ishan put up an act of getting attacked by Agastya when Pakhi visited him with Tara.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Pakhi will rush an injured Tara to the hospital. Doctor will operate Tara. Shanaya will donate her blood when she will require AB negative blood. Agastya will arrive to the hospital as Ishan informed him.

Pakhi will blame Agastya for Tara’s condition and will lash out at Agastya. After Agastya left Pakhi will ask Ishan to prepare for Tara’s legal adoption. Agastya will start suspecting Ishan’s intention. The next day Pakhi will be about to sign Tara’s adoption papers.

Agastya will confront Pakhi about Tara and his blood group being the same. He will demand to know the truth. Agastya will notice that Tara’s one hair got stuck between his fingers while hugging her. As Pakhi will refuse to tell the truth, he will decide to find it through the DNA test. Later Pakhi will tell Tara that Agastya is her dad.

What will Agastya do after learning the truth? What will be Ishan’s next plan?

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