Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story: Tara to stop police from arresting Agastya


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Colors’ popular show Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan is gearing up for drama with Ishan accusing Agastya of kidnapping Tara.

Previously it was seen that Tara made video call Agastya and denied of sending him any message. She added that because of him Pakhi got angry, so she’s angry with him. Agastya apologized to her. Tara said that she doesn’t like Ishan and wished that he could be her father.

Agastya got emotional hearing this. He wondered why Pakhi kept Tara away from Ishan all these years.

Later Pakhi shouted at Tara when she misbehaved with Ishan. Tara got angry with Pakhi. The next day Tara went to meet Agastya without telling Pakhi. The latter grew worried when she doesn’t find Tara anywhere in the house.

Tara reached Agastya’s house. She overheard Agastya telling to Mona that he would himself took back Tara to Pakhi if she cams here and hid inside a box. The servant took that box inside the house. Other hand Ishan provoked Pakhi against Agastya saying he must have kidnapped Tara. Pakhi registered a police complaint against Agastya for kidnapping Tara.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Tara will hide herself in the temple. Pakhi and Ishan will come to Agastya’s house with police. They will accuse Agastya of kidnapping Tara shocking all.

Pakhi will demand the inspector to search in the secret room in Agastya’s room. She will get shocked seeing lot of her pictures in Agastya’s room. She will say that Agastya is still obsessed with her and he didn’t change at all. Ishan will talk over phone with Meera about removing Tara from his way after getting Pakhi.

Tara wil get shocked on hearing this. Ishan will demand the inspector to arrest Agastya when they don’t find Tara in Agastya’s house.

Tara will stop police arresting Agastya and will say that she came herself here because of Ishan. She will refuse to return to her house with Ishan and Pakhi. Tara will get shocked seeing the photos of Pakhi in Agastya’s room and will question Pakhi about the same.

Will Tara learn Pakhi and Agastya’s relationship truth? Will Tara tell Agastya’s about Ishan’s evil intention?

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