Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan, Upcoming Story: Will Meera get successful in her evil intention?

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan

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Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan, popular show on voot, is gearing up for more drama. The show currently showcase that Meera kidnapped Agastya and replaced him with his duplicate to take revenge on him.

Previously it was seen that Meera manipulated Tara to ask Pakhi and Agastya get married again. Tara insisted convinced Pakhi for the same. Family gathered for puja. Pakhi and Dadi got worried when diya didn’t light up despite Pakhi’s two attempts and the puja plate fell down accidentally.

Later Pakhi’s bangle broke and Pakhi’s mehndi got spoiled. Elsewhere it was revealed that Meera kidnapped Agastya and was keeping him captive. She sent the duplicate Agastya that she created through the plastic surgery to Agastya’s house.

Meera revealed to the real Agastya her evil intentions. She said that the duplicate Agastya mingled with the family and no one doubted him. She said that he would transfer Agastya’s all property on her man while she would get Pakhi married to that fake Agastya.

In the today episode it’s seen that Pakhi will call Agastya Dodo and the fake Agastya won’t respond it. He will manage to cover up saying that he was lost in his thought. However this will alert Dadi.

Later Meera will instruct fake Agastya to get intimate with Pakhi before wedding and will tell Agastya to watch it live. Meera’s plan will flop when Pakhi will stop fake Agastya saying that she’s feeling anxious.

Agastya will laugh that Meera’s plan flopped. In the Sangeet Tara will ask fake Agastya his and Pakhi’s favorite song. Upon Meera’s instruction fake Agastya will make Tara fall to create distraction.

Dadi will notice this and will question Agastya. The fake Agastya covers it giving some excuse. Agastya will think of keeping an eye Dadi. Later Dadi suspicion will grow stronger seeing Agastya throwing away his favorite toy.

Will Dadi find the truth before wedding? Will Meera get successful in her plan?

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