Ghum Hai Kise Key Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Story: Bhavani to denounce Sonali!


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Star Plus popular daily soap, Ghum Hai Kise Key Pyaar Meiin have managed to rise curiosity in the minds of people, with its twist and turns in the storyline. Previously, Pakhi tried to get Virat’s attention but Sai fails her plan. The latter annoys Pakhi with her constant nagging and determines to protect Virat and her baby from Pakhi’s evil intentions.

In the current track, Pakhi complains to Bhavani about Sai and insists her to keep the latter away. Whereas, Sai declares that the baby belongs to her and she have full rights to look after Pakhi. The latter keeps controlling Pakhi’s life, whereas Karishma shows her fake concern towards Pakhi and says that she have to bear so much for Sai and Virat’s baby.

Here, Karishma and Sonali tells that Pakhi won’t even have any rights on the baby, while Sai declares that Pakhi already knew about the concequences and still willingly became their surrogate. Sai mocks Pakhi, while Bhavani takes a stand for her.

Bhavani insults Sai and taunts that she can’t become a mother. Sai ignores Bhavani and states that her taunts doesn’t affects her anymore. Whereas, Shivani and Ashwini takes a stand for Sai against Bhavani.

Ahead, Bhavani declares that Pakhi will follow her path and will always be Smart’s widow. Whereas, Vaishali gets irked hearing it. Sai ask Pakhi to find something for her after delivering the baby, so that she won’t have time to disturb others.

Pakhi shares her worry with Vaishali, while the latter says that Sai won’t let her touch the baby. Pakhi gets a plan and decides to keep the baby to herself. Vaishali tries to warn her daughter, but the latter denies to hear her out.

Later, Sai and Virat gets into an argument while she forces him to find the culprit, while he ask her to focus on their future. Meanwhile, Chavans gets shocked by Pakhi’s changed look and the neighbours also taunts her.

Pakhi replies that she changed herself for the baby, while the guests gets shocked finding about Pakhi being the surrogate of Sai.

Now in the upcoming episode, Sai will get furious at Virat and orders him to arrest the culprit. She will ask him to bring the culprit in front of her eyes as soon as possible and taunts him for being slow at solving the case. He will get frustrated with her behaviour and gives a befitting reply to her.

He will go away to complete his mission and denies to fulfill her demand. Whereas, the doctor will check Pakhi and tells that she isn’t pregnant. The latter will get shocked, while Bhavani and Sai questions the doctor about the baby.

The doctor will try to tell the truth, but at that time a goon comes inside and shoot the doctor. Whereas, Sai along with Bhavani and Pakhi will get dumbstruck.

Will Pakhi hide the truth about her pregnancy?

Will Sai and Virat faces a new problem?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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