Ghum Hai Kise Key Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Story: Jagtap to face Sai’s rage!


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Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin is presently ruling our television screens. The show is doing extremely well. These days, the storyline of the show is focusing on Pakhi’s pregnancy.

Previously, Sai investigated about Geeta’s matter and tried to find the culprit. Meanwhile, Pakhi decided to divert Sai’s mind by gaining her trust but gets failed. Whereas, Sai’s hospital gets attacked by goons and Virat comes to rescue them.

In the current track, Jagtap tries to hide from Sai and Virat. He covers his face with a mask, but the goon removes it. He notify the goon about Sai, Pakhi and Bhavani being Virat’s family, in order to save himself. But, his plan backfires and the goon throws him in front of Sai.

Here, Sai gets shocked seeing Jagtap and remembers all the painful flashback of losing Samrat. She glares at Jagtap and looses her control. She beats him brutally, while the latter tries to stop her.

Pakhi and Bhavani also gets furious at Jagtap and the latter tries to go towards Sai, but Pakhi stops her in order to save their lives. Meanwhile, the goons informs his team members about Sai, Pakhi and Bhavani belonging to Virat’s family.

Ahead, Sai gets worried for Pakhi and Bhavani and insists the goon to leave them. But, the latter points gun at Bhavani and makes her talk with Virat. The latter gets worried for his family and pressurizes the worker to send the link to the goon fast.

Virat warns the goon not to harm any of the hostages, while DIG sir shows his concern towards Virat’s family, but the latter assures to save all the hostages. Meanwhile, Sai gives confidence to Virat and ask him to follow his duty.

Later, the goon gets the link while Virat sends food for the hostages. Jagtap along with the goons goes to bring the food inside, when Virat sees him and gets furious. He points his gun to kill Jagtap, while Vitthal ask him to lower the gun. Jagtap tries to run away from there, when he gets shot from back.

Now in the upcoming episode, Ashwini will call Virat and shows her concern towards Bhavani, Pakhi and Sai. She will tell that they went to Sai’s hospital for checkup but haven’t returned back. Whereas, Virat will ask her to calm down and tells that they all are together.

He will also notify that they are stuck in a dangerous situation. Whereas, Bhavani will prohibit Sai from taking law in her hands. She will proclaim that the court will punish him, but Sai will move towards him being furious.

Will Virat be able to save his family?

Will Virat be able to arrest the goons?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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