Ghum Hai Kise Key Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Story: Sai to face an emotional turmoil!


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Star Plus show Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin is one of the most loved shows on Indian television. Right from the time of its inception, the show has been entertaining the masses. Previously, Chavans hosted a surprise party for Vinayak’s victory while the latter showed his gratitude towards his family.

Meanwhile, he also insisted Virat to fulfill his wish while everyone gets shocked finding that he wanted Virat to adopt Savi. Whereas, Sai decided to leave Nagpur and Jagtap went inside Chavans house to notify Virat about the truth.

In the current track, Chavans gets furious at Jagtap after seeing him invading inside their house in drunken state. Omkar beats him and Virat throws him out of the house.

The latter keeps sitting outside Chavans house and states that Virat will regret his decision. He ask the latter to hear out the truth, while Virat sees him from upstairs and gives a stern warning.

Here, Virat gets provoked by Jagtap and beats him blue and black. The latter tells that Virat will regret his decision, while he recalls how Jagtap killed Samrat and keeps beating him furiously.

Jagtap tells Virat about Savi being his daughter while the latter gets shocked. He denies to believe it but Jagtap makes him realise that Sai was pregnant when she left Chavans house. They calculate the age if Savi and Virat gets emotional.

Ahead, Sai faces a dilemma but keeps herself strong to leave Nagpur. She goes towards the bus, while Jagtap tells Virat that Sai is about to leave the place. The latter rushes to stop his daughter and gets furious at Sai for hiding the truth.

Pakhi gets worried for Virat while Vinayak shows his concern towards her. He questions about their decision for adopting Savi, to which Pakhi tells that it is a difficult work. She tries to make him understand but he stays adamant to make Savi his real sister.

Later, Ashwini also gets concerned for Virat and tells Pakhi about Jagtap and his fight. Whereas, Virat recalls his moments with Savi and gets teary eyes, while he also gets flashes of the doctor’s words that Sai cannot become pregnant. He again gets angry at Sai for hiding the truth and rushes to stop Savi from leaving.

Now in the upcoming episode, Virat will make his team arrest Sai while the latter struggles to get herself free. He will face her and proclaims that she is getting arrested for forcefully getting inside his house and slapping him.

He will continue that she also kidnapped a daughter and kept her away from her father. He will ask his team to take her away, while Bhavani and Sonali will smile seeing Sai in trouble. Whereas, Pakhi will become shocked and feels bad for her.

Will Virat be able to stop Savi?

Will Virat punish Sai?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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