Ghum Hai Kise Key Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Story: Usha to compare Virat and Jagtap!


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Star Plus popular daily soap Ghum Hai Kise Key Pyaar Meiin have garnered a huge amount of audience. The gripping storyline filled with twist and turns makes it engaging to the viewers. Previously, Virat took Vinayak to Kankauli for his treatment and gets welcomed by Savi warmly.

Meanwhile, Sai got honoured by the villagers for saving Gayatri and her baby. Savi dragged Virat and Vinayak also to the celebration. Whereas, Sai and Virat got shocked seeing one another.

In the current track, Virat gets furious at Sai for staying away from him and misunderstands that she started her new life with someone else. Sai also misunderstands him after seeing Vinayak as his son and feels hurt. Virat drags Vinayak away from them and decides not to get him treated by her.

Here, Savi and Vinayak gets confused with their parents behavior. Whereas, Sai prohibits Savi from talking to Vinayak Or his father anymore, but she gets upset with Sai and goes away. The latter cries thinking about her past and determines to keep it away from Savi.

Sai feels hurt recalling Virat and Vinayak, whereas the latter also keeps thinking about her and gets anxious. Vinayak fears to go near Virat and calls Savi.

The latter insists Sai to take his call, while the latter permits her. Vinayak shares about his father’s behavior while Savi also tells about Sai. They both becomes confused.

Ahead, Pakhi gets appreciated by Chavans for her smart move towards the case. She determines to win it at any cost and proclaims that it will benifit them in the future also.

Pakhi calls Vinayak but his calls goes busy, so she called Virat but he hides about Sai from her. She gets suspicious and thinks about the matter, while Virat dismisses her thoughts and cuts the call.

Later, Jagtap gets concerned for Sai and ask about the issue, to which she ask him not to worry about her. She sends him away and ask not to interfere in her life, while Usha praises Jagtap for changing himself, but Sai denies to forgive him for his crimes.

Now in the upcoming episode, Pakhi will open Virat’s cupboard to keep his clothes but will notice the photo frame of him with Sai and their first child Vinayak. Meanwhile, Sai will call Virat while he ask her not to bring their past in present.

She will agree with it and proclaims that she just want to treat Vinayak and then they both can go to their own paths. Virat will accept the deal and clarifies about their priorities. Sai will get hurt by his words, while he will cut the call.

Will Virat learn about Savi’s truth?

Will Pakhi find about Sai being alive?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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