Ghum Hai Kise Key Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Story: Virat to ignore Vinayak unintentionally!


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Star Plus popular daily soap Ghum Hai Kise Key Pyaar Meiin have garnered a huge amount of audience. The gripping storyline filled with twist and turns makes it engaging to the viewers. Previously, Ashwini invited Sai and Savi for the welcoming ceremony.

Pakhi suffered due to the ignorant behavior of Chavans towards her. Meanwhile, Virat introduced Savi to his family and they celebrated all the rituals excitedly. Whereas, Bhavani cutted Savi’s hair in the name of rituals while Sai became suspicious about her intentions.

In the current track, Sai stops Bhavani from taking the hair away. She states that she will throw the hair in the river to complete the ritual and ask Bhavani to give it to her.

The latter denies while Sai accuses her for trying to conduct DNA test on Savi. Everyone gets shocked but denies to believe her. Ashwini and Virat shows their trust upon Bhavani.

Here, Virat ask Bhavani to hand the hair to him but she again denies. Sai starts rebuking the latter and proclaims that she haven’t changed at all. She reminds all the past deeds of Bhavani and says that she won’t let her torture Savi.

Bhavani accepts her intentions and says that she doesn’t believe Savi is their family blood. She proclaims that she needs proofs while Virat gets furious and stands against Bhavani. He lashes out at her for insulting his daughter and Sai. He declares that Savi is his daughter and he doesn’t need any proof for it.

Ahead, Virat tries to hurt himself while Chavans stops him. Bhavani says that she is doing everything for him only, while he took a promise from her that she won’t try to conduct any test on Savi. Bhavani agrees for it but warns Virat that he is destroying his family because of Sai and Savi.

Virat ask Bhavani to apologize to Sai but the latter denies and proclaims that she will never ask sorry from her. Sai was about to leave along with her daughter but Ashwini stops them and ask to have food. Sai let’s Savi eat the food along with the Chavans.

Later, Virat unintentionally ignores Vinayak and pays full attention on Savi. Pakhi feels bad for Vinayak and serves him the food. Whereas, Savi makes Sai sit in front of Virat and says that her family is complete. She proclaims that they will eat in the same plate, while Pakhi looks at them.

Now in the upcoming episode, Virat will give a paper to Savi while she ask about it. He will make her open it while Sai reads it and finds it to be the admission form of Savi’s new school. Virat will tell that Savi will also go to the same school as Vinayak as it’s the best.

Sai will confront him and scolds that he have taken a decision without her consent, while he will tell them that he appointed the interview with the principal for Savi’s admission on the next week.

He will also tell that he appointed a tutor who will teach Savi about the interview, while Sai will question that if he is doubting her teaching skills and proclaims that Savi can easily clear the interview. She will ask him to keep it the next day while he agrees and challenges her teaching.

Will Sai be able to prove herself?

Will Savi get admission in school?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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