Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 10th May 2021 Written Update: Ashwini opposes the Chavans for talking ill about Sai


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 10th May 2021 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohit informing Ashwini that Sai has come to see Virat. She was worried for him. Ashwini gets overwhelmed to know that Sai still cares for Virat. Sai tells Virat I wanted to hear from you that you want me here or not. Virat says he is truly happy. Sai says she is going to talk to the nurse to know about Virat’s medicines. Virat says he already took them. Virat tells Sai to sit beside him.

Sai says why so? He mockingly says please stare at my handsome face if you are not getting what you should do. He laughs. Sai gets irked and is about to leave but Virat holds her hand. He feels pain. Sai then goes to him. She says how are you feeling now? Virat says I am feeling good the moment someone entered but Sai asks who is that? Nurse comes for giving medine to Virat. Virat teases Sai saying because of nurse I am feeling good. Sai then gives him the medicine and they share a cute moment together. ( ghum hai kisike plays)

Omkar says how can Sai return after all these. Bhavani says she is shameless. Ninad asks Pakhi then why you came back? Pakhi says because Virat wants Sai to look after him and sent me away.

Ashwini says Sai is trying to manipulate Virat and taking advantage of his health condition. Ashwini objects saying Sai was never an opportunist else she would have come from Gadchiroli when Virat insisted. Sai got worried for him when she learned Virat took bullet. Ninad and Omkar again blame Sai saying if she cares for Virat why didn’t she come back that day and now she has no right to look after Virat. Ashwini says you forgot Virat told us he will always wait for Sai. They spent some time together and Pakhi didnt like the fact. Pakhi gets shocked.

Sonali says why you making fun of Pakhi’s tears. Ashwini says the question is why Pakhi is sad? Because of Virat and Sai’s reunion? Sonali and Karishma tell Virat should not have treated Pakhi like that. Ashwini asks whats so wrong in it If a husband and wife want to spend some time together? Pakhi has no sense that’s why she is feeling sad for returning back.

Ninad tells Ashwini to not give lecture to Pakhi. Ashwini says Pakhi forced me to do it. Bhavani says you yourself need a lesson. Your Sai is troubling us only not Pakhi. Mohit supports Ashwini and Karishma stops him. Ashwini gives advice to Pakhi saying concentrate on your husband and pray for his return.

Virat and Sai again tease each other. Virat tells her I am not that bad looking. In college girls were crazy for me. They were ready to die. Sai says they wanted to die after looking at you terrible face. Virat says they used to stand in queue to see me. Sai says that was because of tying rakhi on your hand. Doctor comes and Virat asks her do you think I am handsome don’t get me wrong. Doctor replies yes you are. When I saw on screen you looked so good in uniform.

Sai stops her and Virat says but my wife doesn’t think I am handsome. Doctor compliments Sai as well. Doctor tells them to stay together. Nurse comes to give sponge bath to Virat. Sai takes the responsiblity saying being his wife she will give him bath. Sai starts doing it and it tickles Virat. Virat moves his legs saying what you doing? Sai says you are scared. Virat tells her if it was so I wouldnt have caught the terrorists. It’s a normal body reaction. Sai gets annoyed and Virat holds her hand. They stare at each other.

Precap- Bhavani tells Virat we are happy that you are recovering but this Sai is back even after she said she won’t come here again. Virat says to Sai its your house too. Sai says she will leave after Virat’s complete recovery.

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