Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 11th May 2021 Written Update: Ashwini and Virat plead with Sai to return home


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 11th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai getting annoyed. Virat stops her saying please don’t mind. I won’t move now. Give sponge bath. Sai turns back and they laugh again. Sai starts giving sponge bath and Virat feels happy. Virat asks Sai tell me the truth, are you trying to use me for medical experiment? Or you didn’t want other women to touch me. Sai says stay quiet.

You promised me that you wont move your body parts. Virat says speaking is allowed right? Sai says your lips are moving then. Sai taunts Virat mentioning Pakhi. Virat gets upset and Sai says I was doing my work and you forced me to take her name. Virat gets convinced and Sai teases him. Virat says our cute fights and your anger I miss all of them. Sai asks Virat are you still angry with me as I refused to come back with you?

Virat says he is happy that Sai came back on her own, its not just for pity. He says you returned to argue with me? Sai again reminds Virat of the incident when he threw her out. Virat says means you are still angry. Then why you are here to look after me? Sai says to fulfil my responsiblity towards you. Virat says to fulfil duty you first need to accept a relationship. You consider me as your husband that’s why you came.

Pakhi recalls how Virat told her to leave. She says she can accept what destiny did to her but Virat’s fake promise about not giving her place to anyone else, she can’t accept. Karishma comes and says I packed what you asked for. But before that you came back from hospital. Karishma tells Pakhi to share what happened. She says I can console you. Pakhi scolds her for showing fake concern. She tells Karishma to leave. Later Pakhi swears revenge against Sai and says Sai has to pay for this. Karishma adds fuel to the fire saying what Sai and Virat must be doing in the hospital.

Sai says she isnt here to get her rights. She is only fulfilling her duties. Virat says it means Sai will return to Chavan Nivas. Sai says time will tell. Don’t expect much. Virat tells Sai to eat something. Ashwini comes along with Mohit. She says Sai will eat homemade food. Sai hugs Ashwini and gets excited after meeting her. Ashwini tells Sai I am happy to see you back and she thanks her for looking after Virat. Mohit teases Sai as she keeps talking about responsiblity. Sai says I saw Virat’s news and got worried for her.

Ashwini says why? Who is Virat for you? Sai says he is my husband. Ashwini and Virat laugh. Virat tells her Sai is still not accepting that she forgave me. Ashwini tells Virat its Sai’s generosity that she came back even after you made huge mistake. Mohit asks when will Sai return to Chavan house? Sai says she won’t return there but she will only take care of him and later she will go back to hostel.

Virat says then who will take take care of me? I have to call the nurse so that she can give me sponge bath. He needs some time to recover. Sai says her father used to tell her to fulfil each and every duty with honesty. She gives water to Virat when he coughs. Ashwini assures Virat that she has full faith on him. He can convince Sai to stay with him after his recovery.

Precap- Bhavani taunts Sai. Sai says she will leave when Virat will recover completely.

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