Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 13th March 2023 Written Update: Vinayak allows Sai to stay in Chavan nivas


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 13th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ashwini saying to Sai that she doesn’t know how to thank her for saving Vinayak. She folds her hands in front of Sai. Sai stops her. Bhavani hugs Sai. She says she may live like a corpse if something happens to Vinayak. She thanks Sai for saving Vinu. Sai says she did what every mom did for her kid. Pakhi claps for Sai. She says you saved Vinu that’s good but he landed in danger because of you, am I wrong? Bhavani asks her to come to her senses. Pakhi says I’m in my senses, that’s why I’m talking truth and this Sai landed my son in danger so I can’t praise her like others. She demands Sai must leave the house.

Virat asks Pakhi to stop blaming Sai and reminds her that he is a police officer and danger is always around them. He questions if she blames him too if the same incident happens because of him. He says Sai is the protector and she handled the situation and rescued Vinayak so you need to thank her and don’t think you oust Sai as I won’t let it happen. Sonali asks where Sai will stay. Virat says they will stay in Chavan’s Nivas. Pakhi asks if he means she and Sai have to live under one roof. Virat says no, he wants his kids to stay in one place so Sai has to stay here too. Pakhi says it can’t happen as it will stress Vinayak. Sai says Pakhi is correct. Bhavani says let’s take Vinayak’s opinion. She asks Vinayak to tell her his opinion. Vinayak asks Sai to stay with them which shocks Pakhi. Sai agrees to stay. Vinayak and Savi take Sai inside. Pakhi feels bad.

Later Bhavani drinks tea and says God saved them from danger. Sonali agrees. Savi asks Sai ‘if she can sleep in Vinayak’s room. Bhavani says you can share the room with Vinayak. She asks Sai to stay with the kids. Sai agrees which makes Savi happy. Pakhi objects to it and says Vinayak will sleep with her and others can sleep wherever they want. Virat asks her to not create a scene. Pakhi is about to leave. Sai goes to Pakhi and asks her to stop feeling insecure as I’m here for kids and you don’t need to worry about others’ matters. Pakhi looks on.

Pakhi applies cream to Vinayak. She asks him to sleep. Vinayak is about to go out taking his night dress. Pakhi asks where is he going. Vinayak says he is going to give a night dress to Savi. He asks Virat to bring new clothes to Savi the next day. Virat agrees. Vinayak leaves. Virat is about to leave. Pakhi asks if he is going to give a night dress. Virat says he is going to give an eye mask, hope you don’t have a problem. Pakhi says I don’t have any problem even when you called Sai wife many times and now you’re going searching for reasons and I’m wrong in doubting you. Virat recalls whatever he did in his inebriated state. Pakhi tells Virat that she is human with feelings and asks him to not treat her like a stone.

Sai and Vinayak tease Savi. Virat comes there for Savi’s support and tells Savi that he will take her shopping next day. Sai says it’s time for sleep and asks Savi to sleep. Virat tries to stay there more time by talking about unnecessary things. Sai says they can discuss it the next day. Virat says there is one problem in room I.r early sunlight and gives an eye mask to Sai. He says there is another problem in the room. Sai looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sai falls on Virat while trying the mosquito net. Pakhi comes there and asks won’t they want to go to school or work the next day. Vinayak says he wants to go and leaves to sleep. Pakhi asks Virat if he didn’t understand her words.

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